Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills Local Family

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills Local Family The personal injury lawyers at the Wyatt Law Firm extend our sincerest condolences to the Cavazos family. We are so sorry to hear of the sudden loss of Mr. Cavazos and his two daughters, found dead in their home Monday evening. A police and fire investigation uncovered that a gasoline-powered generator had been in use in the house, explaining the high levels of carbon monoxide also found. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas released during the combustion of fuels and known among first responders as the "silent killer." Burning fuels (gas, charcoal, propane, wood, etc.) inside an enclosed or unventilated space, such as a house or garage, can cause carbon monoxide to saturate the air. When a person inhales carbon monoxide, the molecules bind to hemoglobin in the bloodstream, depleting the body of its oxygen supply. Severe injury and death can result. Although most carbon monoxide cases occur in the winter months when people are more likely to burn fuel inside their homes, carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by burning fuels in an enclosed space or by malfunctioning appliances. We urge our readers to learn about the dangers posed by carbon monoxide poisoning, its causes, and its exposure symptoms. We also urge our readers to keep carbon monoxide detectors in their homes and ensure they are maintained. If you or a loved one have been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning, the personal injury lawyers at the Wyatt Law Firm are here to assist. Most of all, we are praying for the family of the victims during this heart-breaking time.


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