Serious or fatal workplace accidents: Pursuing financial relief

Serious or fatal workplace accidents: Pursuing financial relief

Construction workers in Texas and across the country are often forced to operate at heights while on the job site. Safety equipment and regulations might make these instances less intimidating and dangerous, but some level of risk still remains. Falls are some of the more prevalent causes of injuries in workplace accidents in numerous fields of employment. A recent incident at a construction site involving a fall left one man injured and killed another.

According to reports, two men were working out of a third-story window unloading equipment out of a crate that was being hoisted by a lift. At some point, the men apparently entered the crate to continue unloading materials, and it suddenly came loose and fell to the ground, dragging them down with it. One man was hospitalized with critical injuries following the incident, while the other reportedly died at the scene.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will likely attempt to determine how the crate might have come loose from the lift and if any defective or unsafe equipment might have contributed. Although safety harnesses are generally required for working at heights, it is unclear if the men were wearing them at the time.

Victims of workplace accidents often suffer in various ways. Serious injuries can force a person to take time off work, and in the event that a worker dies, surviving family members might also experience financial challenges. Victims or family members in Texas who are confronted with such a difficult situation often seek relief through the workers' compensation insurance system with the assistance of an attorney. If another party is responsible for the incident, an attorney can also assist a client in pursuing compensation through the civil justice system.

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