Six Simple Checkups To Prevent Home Emergencies

Six Simple Checkups To Prevent Home Emergencies

In moments of crisis, there are always thoughts of "what ifs?" Questions arise about what you could have done differently to have avoided the disaster in the first place. Here at Wyatt Law Firm, we never want you to feel caught off guard. That is why we've compiled of common causes of household emergencies and how checking them can prevent disasters. 

  1. Smoke Detectors: It is really important to make sure that your smoke detectors are working. Batteries for the devices should be changed annually, unless the alarm has a longer battery life. It is recommended that each room have a smoke detector. The alarms should usually be replaced every 10 years. Roughly 3 out of 5 household fires occur in homes without a smoke detector.
  2. Fire Extinguisher: Most individuals are content knowing that there is a fire extinguisher in the house. If you don't have one, go get one! But it is not enough just to own a fire extinguisher. Like most things, they have an expiration date. Check to see that your fire extinguisher is good to use.
  3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Carbon monoxide is one of those silent killers. It is an odorless, colorless gas that is hard to detect naturally. Left undetected, it can be deadly. So make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are working!
  4. Gas Leaks: In homes that use gas to power stove and other devices, it is important to be aware of gas leaks. If you do smell gas, hear unusual hissing sounds, and don't know where it is coming from, vacate the premises and call your gas company immediately. Gas leaks are highly dangerous and flammable.
  5. Damaged Wires: Replace loose or damaged wires. Electrical fires are caused when we're least expecting them, so make sure your wires are solid and safe to use.
  6. Overloaded Outlets: Avoid overloading any one outlet. It is recommended that an outlet only have one high-wattage appliance plugged at a time. And if possible, try not to use multiple high-wattage appliances, such as hair dryers, space heaters, microwaves, at the same time.

At Wyatt Law Firm we understand that accidents are a part of life. However, we want you to be prepared for whatever the universe might throw your way. We hope these small checkups will help keep your home safe and prevent avoidable disasters.


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