Space Heater Leads To Home Fire In South San Antonio

Space Heater Leads To Home Fire In South San Antonio

With the recent cold front that hit much of Texas, many homeowners are looking for ways to keep warm. Unfortunately, for one South San Antonio family, their intentions to beat the cold turned into a dangerous house fire that eventually spread throughout the neighborhood. 

The incident occurred early Thursday morning on the 1400 block of Keats. The family in the home had placed a space heater in a bedroom for additional heat during the night. However, officials believe that it was the proximity of this space heater to a mattress that ultimately sparked the fire. Soon, that spark led to a blaze that consumed the entire home and quickly reached two other houses nearby due to the strong winds.

While there were some damages to the surrounding homes, the original home was completely destroyed. The home is no longer livable, which means the mother and her three children will remain displaced. According to early reports, the American Red Cross quickly arrived on the scene to help find shelter for the family and will be providing some necessities for them during this time.

There were no injuries reported although there was an estimated $60,000 in damages. Initially, a young boy was thought to have suffered injuries, however, reports later came in stating that he was only struggling with anxiety following the tragic event. He was treated on scene and did not have to go to the hospital.


The U.S. Fire Administration has reported that more than 360 have already lost their lives to home fires since the beginning of 2015. While these fires can be caused by any number of reasons, space heaters have been known to be a major culprit for years. Many people don't realize how dangerous the heaters are and how easily they can lead to a home disaster. Sadly, this San Antonio family had to endure this fire to discover the serious destruction that space heaters can bring.

Follow these tips if you are using a space heater in your home to stay warm:

  • Double check to see if your smoke / carbon monoxide detectors are working
  • Make sure your space heater is clean and in top condition
  • Keep the space heater out of high traffic areas and away from clutter
  • Maintain at least three feet of distance between your space heater and flammable items
  • Place your space heater on a hard surface (never on carpet or furniture)
  • Educate your children on the dangers of space heaters and help them stay away
  • Avoid overloading circuits and never use an extension cord
  • Always unplug or turn off your space heater before leaving a room or going to bed


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