Victim sues Aldi over alleged defective products

Victim sues Aldi over alleged defective products

Going grocery shopping is a routine errand for most people, and shoppers might not even think twice about what they are purchasing. After all, consumers rely on stores and manufacturers to provide only safe and effective products. When people in Texas are seriously injured by dangerous and defective products, they deserve help addressing their injuries.

A woman who purchased a pack of frozen turkey burgers from Aldi is currently suing the grocery store chain. She visited one of Aldi's locations in 2018, and removed one of the frozen turkey burgers from her own freezer in August of the same year. According to her lawsuit, she carefully followed the printed instructions for frying the burgers. Shortly after placing the burger in a pan with a little bit of oil, the patty exploded. She suffered severe second-degree burns to her forearms and both of her hands, which caused permanent scarring.

In her suit, the victim alleged that Aldi not only sold an unsafe and defective product, but also that the company did not adequately warn consumers of potential dangers. The claim also cites a failure to include proper operational and safety instructions. Aldi has refuted these claims, instead accusing the victim of improperly following the instructions.

In this particular case, the victim is seeking an excess of $35,000 for damages, citing negligence, breach of warranty and strict liability. When it comes to severe injuries from defective products, it is often necessary to seek compensation. When victims in Texas successfully pursue these claims to completion, it is possible to recover damages for related medical bills, lost wages and more.


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