What causes most warehouse fires?

by Paula A. Wyatt | May 27, 2020 | Blog, Building Fires | 0 comments

What causes most warehouse fires? A fire in the workplace can result in numerous types of injuries. Tripping over debris, objects falling on workers and smoke inhalation are only a few. Burns are among the most painful and life-altering injuries an employee may suffer on the job, and if the fire involves chemicals, the danger is even greater. Texas warehouse fires often result from a handful of common causes, most of which are preventable. Many warehouse fires erupt because the warehouse contains combustible materials that are not stored appropriately. As a result, when exposed to heat or flame, such as the spark from machinery or high temperatures in the warehouse, the materials may catch fire or even explode. Often the machinery in the warehouse becomes hot as workers use it, and this may ignite combustible materials. Other factors may also raise the risk of a fire in a warehouse. Even though most warehouses forbid smoking cigarettes or cigars or the use of lighters or other open flames, anyone breaking those rules may risk igniting combustible materials. This is less common these days. However, electrical issues in a warehouse may contribute to a fire. This may include the electrical system in the warehouse itself or the wiring in lighting or equipment. Any of these may point to some deficiencies with the Texas employer or warehouse owner. Even deliberately set fires may attest to a serious lack of security within a warehouse. It may also be an example of insurance fraud. Employees who suffer injuries in warehouse fires may have cause to seek justice with the help of an attorney.  


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