Why Do Some Products Have A Ul Listing?

Why Do Some Products Have A Ul Listing?

UL Listing refers to recognition of an appliance's adherence to safety standards. The Underwriters Laboratories is an organization that tests, validates, and inspects certain products to ensure they meet the company's safety standards. Created in 1894 by William Henry Merrill, the organization helps limit product liability and protect consumers. If you ever noticed that some of your appliances have a UL Listing, it means the organization has examined the product and deemed it safe to use.

UL prides itself on being ethical and fair. They act on principle and values established by Merrill. This includes:

  • Promoting safe living and working environments for people
  • Supporting the production and products that promote the care for environment and reduces loss of life
  • Advancing safety science through investigation and research
  • Focusing on quality to enhance the trust that has been placed in our certifications and services

The UL tests samples of products submitted to them. If the product meets safety requirements established by the organization, they receive a certification mark.

A product can earn the following marks:

  • UL Listing
  • UL Classification
  • UL Performance Verification
  • UL Component Recognition
  • UL Functional Safety Listing Mark
  • UL Functional Safety Component Recognition

Product manufacturers have a responsibility to offer and sell safe appliances and electronics that have been tested. Unfortunately, too many people are injured because a device fails to perform as it should. While UL Listings can help establish a product's general safety, it is not foolproof.

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