Workplace accidents from common hazards

Workplace accidents from common hazards No job is completely safe from hazards or accidents, especially if management does not take safety seriously. In fact, about seven million workers suffer injuries on the job each year. Some are fatal, and some lead to lifelong disabilities. Texas jobs such as construction, work in the oil and gas industry, transportation and agriculture carry the highest risk of workplace accidents, but nearly every industry has some common hazards to watch out for. Personal protective equipment can go a long way in protecting workers from falling from heights. However, 40 workers die each year in falls due to poor training, defective scaffolds and other factors. Even a cluttered workspace can be a deadly fall hazard. Debris, cables, spills and trash can quickly become tripping or slipping hazards that may result in serious injuries. Falls are one of the most common fatal accidents on the job, but so are electrocution and exposure to toxic substances such as gases, dust, corrosive chemicals and asbestos. Working on heavy equipment like forklifts requires extensive safety training, and many injuries result from unsafe behaviors on or around these machines. In fact, training is one of the most basic elements in preventing serious or deadly workplace accidents. An employer who fails to adequately train workers may be responsible for accidents on the job. When Texas employees suffer life-changing injuries in workplace accidents, they may not be able to speak for themselves or fight for their rights. As a result, they and their families may struggle due to loss of income, medical bills and other challenges. Having quality legal representation often provides them with effective assistance for seeking the compensation they need and deserve.


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