Wrongful death suit filed after catastrophic injuries cause death

Wrongful death suit filed after catastrophic injuries cause death

College should be a fun and challenging experience for students continuing their education. Sadly, one Texas student will never have that opportunity. A fraternity and 10 of its members were recently named in a wrongful death lawsuit, blaming them for the catastrophic injuries that led to a young man's death.

The young student was enrolled at Texas A&M University and apparently attending an event at the Sigma Nu fraternity house just before his Aug. 2016 death. The subsequent wrongful death claim was filed by the man's family some time earlier this year. The family asserts that the negligence of Sigma Nu fraternity and some its members led to their son's death.

The suit alleges that the victim fell unconscious during a party at the Sigma Nu house. However, upon discovering his condition, fellow fraternity victims did not call 911. Instead, they phoned a hospital and requested medical advice be given over the phone. The young man ultimately died of an overdose, which his family apparently believes might have been prevented if those in attendance had supplied a safe environment and made a timely response to his incapacitated state.

The death of a loved one is never easy, and it can be especially difficult when another person or entity's negligence was the cause. Although nothing can ever replace a life, successfully pursued wrongful death claims are usually effective at achieving just compensation for surviving loved ones. Such actions can also force organizations to enact policy changes, helping protect other people in Texas from under similar catastrophic injuries and tragedies.

Source: khou.com, "Sigma Nu fraternity named in wrongful death suit", Jay O'Brien, Oct. 11, 2017


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