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At the Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s we are dedicated to being a part of the solution to the consumer safety crisis in America. We provide individualized attention aimed at producing maximum results rather than easy settlements. We are dedicated to changing the way manufacturers and insurance companies calculate the cost of cutting corners in product safety. Contact us today and speak to one our Personal Injury Lawyer’s today.

Our Promise

Our goal and the goal of our Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s goes beyond obtaining full financial compensation for our clients. We pass the results of our research and groundbreaking scientific testing along to peer-reviewed journals and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) in order to help get dangerous products recalled.

Our Approach

Our Firm’s philosophy involves taking the time to get to know our clients individually, always. We meet with them, we spend time with them and we interview their families. We create brochures and videos that portray their family, describe their injuries and identify the causes behind their injuries so that the wrongdoers are forced to take responsibility for the lives they have destroyed.




Burn Injuries
According to the Journal of Burn Injury Care and Rehabilitation, approximately 75,000 Americans are hospitalized with burn injuries each year. Almost a third of them suffer second-degree or third-degree burns over at least 25 percent of their bodies. Over one million people in the United States suffer serious and permanent disability as a result of burn injuries every year. Between 8,000 and 12,000 die. If you or a loved one suffered serious burn injuries as a result of a building fire or chemical exposure caused by another’s negligence or a faulty product, please contact us today.  The team at The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s can help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Our team of proven accident and injury trial lawyers located in San Antonio, Texas will help you seek maximum recovery after a burn injury accident caused by:

• Faulty smoke detectors  • Glowing connection faults in box fans  

• Poorly constructed or badly designed space heaters  

• Improperly installed electrical wiring  

• LP (liquefied petroleum) gas tank explosions

•Toxic, caustic or acidic agent releases resulting in chemical burns to the skin, lungs or eyes

18 Wheeler Accidents
We handle many cases against 18 wheeler trucking companies who fail in the responsibility they have to the American public to properly train, monitor and equip their 18 wheeler truck drivers. When 18 wheeler trucking companies or 18 wheeler drivers are negligent, we fight to hold them responsible for the harm they cause. The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s has the experience and substantial resources to represent the interests of 18 wheeler truck accident victims and their families. If you suffered injury or the loss of a loved one in an 18 wheeler truck accident, an immediate investigation by a team of experienced trial lawyers and independent experts can protect your ability to obtain full financial compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Our team of proven accident and injury trial lawyers located in San Antonio, Texas will help you seek maximum recovery after a 18 wheeler accident caused by:

•Insufficient truck driver training and negligent hiring of unqualified drivers  

•Negligent truck maintenance  

•Overloaded tractor trailers  

•Failure to monitor over hours driving  

•Failure to respond appropriately to driver drug or alcohol abuse

• Speeding, reckless lane changes, cell phone use and even watching television or surfing the internet while driving  

• Exhaustion caused by driving too many hours in violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) regulations  

• Truck driver alcohol and/or drug use, especially stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamines used to stay awake for extended periods  

• Failure to conduct proper truck and cargo safety checks 

Oilfield Accidents
Oilfield accidents often result in severe or fatal injuries. When any form of negligence, carelessness or incompetence results in a serious drilling platform or oil derrick oilfield accident injury, The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s are here to help the victim and his or her family seek maximum financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering from an unfortunate oilfield accident .The Wyatt Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyer’s in San Antonio, Texas have the experience, resources and proven track record of success to handle your oilfield accident claim with confidence and impeccable professionalism.

Our team of proven accident and injury trial lawyers based in San Antonio, Texas will help you seek maximum recovery after an oilfield accident caused by:

Improperly maintained drilling and exploration equipment and defective machinery

 • Oilfield, pipeline or refinery fires, explosions and exposure to sulfur hydroxide fumes 

• Inadequate safeguards at drilling sites and refinery facilities  

Dangerous Fracking Operations

• Oilfield accidents caused by poorly trained or inadequately supervised co-workers 

Car Accidents

The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s are passionate about the rights of victims of drunk driving car accidents and seek full financial recovery for the injuries they suffered or the loss of a loved one. We apply our decades of experience and impressive resources toward making all those responsible pay for their negligence. According to law, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and others who serve alcohol can be held legally liable for damages that result if they knowingly serve an intoxicated patron or a minor who then drives drunk and causes a car accident. You can’t build a car that can withstand a 70 mph car crash and if you could, no one could afford to drive such a tank. But you can hold negligent tire manufacturers and careless or drunk drivers responsible for the injuries they cause. If you suffered injury or the loss of a loved one in a car accident, we can help you seek maximum financial recovery from all responsible parties.

With offices in San Antonio,The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s serves the needs of car accident victims and their families throughout Texas and the United States. Our lawyers are passionate advocates who seek full financial recovery for those who have suffered serious injury or the loss of a loved one in any type of car accident, including:

• Car crashes and SUV rollovers caused by faulty tires or defective roadway design  

• Car wrecks involving an uninsured or underinsured driver  

• Commercial 18 wheeler trucking accidents  

• Motorcycle accidents  

• Auto-pedestrian or car-bicycle accidents  

• Wrongful death claims in fatal car accidents 

Wrongful Death
Experience is essential for seeking recovery in wrongful death lawsuits. For decades, The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s have provided sound legal advice and dedicated representation to families who have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence or a defective product. Our firm is committed to offering your family the passionate advocacy and personal attention you need in order to recover the compensation necessary after a tragic wrongful death loss. Although your family’s economic losses may be quantifiable, the emotional damage you have suffered is long-lasting. We spend a great deal of time and effort to get to know our clients and their families. We do our utmost to ensure that professional grief counseling services are available to everyone who needs them. We go above and beyond our legal duty to provide effective representation. We offer the sense of security that comes from knowing that the complicated legal matters are being handled by seasoned lawyers who understand how important this case is to your family.

Our team of proven accident and injury trial lawyers based in San Antonio, Texas will help you seek maximum recovery after an wrongful death accident caused by:

• Fatal car accidents and trucking accidents, including those involving gas tank explosions caused by faulty design

• Electrocution, deadly trench collapses, and other industrial and construction accidents

• House fires caused by faulty heaters or defective fans

• Drownings in apartment or hotel swimming pools


Electrocution Accidents

The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s are a recognized leader in the negotiation and litigation of personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of electrocution accidents. If you suffered electrical burns or a loved one died due to electrocution accident caused by another’s negligence or an electrical fault in industrial equipment or a consumer product, please contact us today. Not all electrical contacts result in electrical burns or death. Like carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution accidents can leave only subtle signs to indicate that the victim has suffered serious and possibly permanent injury to the brain or other organs. The most common damages suffered in an electrocution accident are severe electrical burn injuries and death. A strong enough jolt of electricity can stop the heart and lead to death from cardiac arrest within minutes. In many cases, death due to electrocution accidents are misidentified as a heart attack. The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s have a proven record of success investigating these cases and proving that electrocution accidents, not heart attack, was the cause of death.

Our team of proven accident and injury trial lawyers based in San Antonio, Texas will help you seek maximum recovery after an electrocution accident caused by:

• Rerouting of lines by an electrical company 

• Improperly grounded air conditioners 

• faulty home appliances and other defective products 

• Electrical contractor or subcontractor negligence at a construction site

Defective Products
In order to have the best chance of obtaining full financial recovery after a catastrophic injury or the death of a loved one due to a defective product or bad product design, it is vitally important to seek the representation of a team of lawyers with the experience, resources and passion for justice you can rely on. The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s are  a personal injury and product liability firm based in San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in litigating claims that involve defective consumer products, ranging from faulty heavy equipment to unsafe children’s toys. Our firm maintains a particular focus on bad product design and dangerous products manufactured in China. Texas law requires that plaintiffs and their lawyers in product liability claims must conduct more in-depth testing of product performance and safety than the manufacturer was required to perform before bringing a product to market.

The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s have met and exceeded this requirement, conducting groundbreaking product safety testing, the results of which have been published in peer-reviewed technical journals. We frequently pass on the evidence we obtain through our investigations to the Consumer Product Safety Commission in order to help prevent future injury from the use of dangerous and defective products.

The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s have achieved many marks of distinction: Our firm is a national leader in the litigation of personal injury and wrongful death claims involving defective fans and faulty heaters. Our lawyers achieved one of the largest settlements in any Texas oil rig failure case to date. We have obtained some of the highest settlements in the nation in 18-wheeler Accident cases. We were one of the first law firms to take on the auto industry in Bridgestone defective tire litigation. 

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Accidents
Carbon monoxide, or CO, is an insidious gas that produces no odor and can cause long-term brain damage that a doctor or emergency room physician may miss in an initial diagnosis. Our firm’s experience and groundbreaking work in the area of product liability make The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s a logical choice to fight for your rights against manufacturers of dangerous or defective products that may cause (or fail to prevent) carbon monoxide poisoning and result  in carbon monoxide poisoning accidents, such as: Faulty or inadequate smoke detector design, electrical fires caused by faulty heaters and defective fans, improperly installed or defective pumps and generators. We have also conducted groundbreaking investigations into deadly carbon monoxide poisoning accidents such as 18-wheeler crashes caused when drivers are overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning. This situation has been an ongoing problem for the past 20 years, and we are at the forefront of the fight to protect motorists and 18 wheeler truck drivers alike from further risk.

It can be easy to miss the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and resulting brain injury, especially in infants, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions. Unborn children can also suffer carbon monoxide poisoning if the mother is exposed.

Symptoms of low-to-moderate level carbon monoxide poisoning may be confused with the common cold or flu and include:

• Headaches  

• Dizziness  

• Nausea  

• Shortness of Breath  

• Light – Headedness

Workplace Injuries
 When a serious or fatal construction or industrial accident or other workplace injury is caused by third-party negligence, equipment failure or product defect, The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s are prepared to fight for maximum recovery for the injured worker and his or her family.

The Wyatt Law firm is passionate about standing up for the rights of construction workers and factory employees who have suffered from workplace injuries as a result of third-party negligence in accidents such as:

• Falls caused by scaffolding collapses and ladder failures resulting in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, brain damage and death  

• Contractor, subcontractor and other third-party liability claims alleging negligence or careless scheduling  

• Electrocution accidents caused by contractor negligence • Construction trench collapses or cave-ins resulting in crush injuries or death due to suffocation  

• Burn injuries caused by construction site fires, industrial explosions or chemical exposure   •Dangerous and defective products or tools used in construction  

• Serious injury or death caused by defective industrial equipment 

We have a proven record of success in obtaining substantial financial compensation for workers injured in a broad range of on-the-job accidents and workplace related injuries, such as:

• Construction and industrial accidents  

• Farm and Ranch accidents  

• Oilfield accidents  

• Other workplace mishaps

Smoke Detector Failure Accidents
 The smoke detectors in your home should be able to recognize and warn of smoke as well as carbon monoxide. No one dies in a house fire from the fire itself, it’s the smoke or carbon monoxide poisoning. Both kill and kill quickly. In the 1990s, The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s were the first law firm in the United States to take on smoke detector manufacturers for what we believe is unconscionable negligence regarding the distinctions between ionization and photoelectric detectors. As a result, manufacturers are now required to identify the type of system employed by their product and to include separate warnings. The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s firmly believe that all smoke detectors that do not contain both photoelectric sensors (to detect smoke) and ionization sensors (to detect carbon monoxide) should be recalled. It is ridiculous to sell a product for home safety that creates a false sense of security because it isn’t safe for the majority of house fires.

Smoke detector failure accidents are a particularly egregious example of defective product design and manufacture. That is why The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s have taken a leading role in fighting to change the system and hold manufacturers accountable when smoke detector failure accidents result in serious harm to our clients, including:

• Burn Injuries, Scarring and Disfigurement

 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and long-term brain injury    

• Wrongful Death of a loved one or family member 

Defective Fan Accidents
If you were injured or a loved one died in a house fire and you suspect a defective fan accident was the cause, it is vitally important to consult an experienced personal injury and product liability lawyer. Do not rely on the Fire Marshals to determine the true origin of the fire. Their goal is merely to rule out a crime, not to pinpoint what caused your injury or loss. In our last defective fan accident case, the fire marshal misidentified the cause of the fire based on a false assumption. Only with hard work and determination were The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s able to prove that the faulty defective fan caused our client’s damages.

One of the most common causes of house fire injury and death caused by defective box fans is a “glowing connection” in the switch. A glowing connection results when wires become oxidized, increasing electrical resistance and localized heating.One of the most dangerous features of glowing connections is that they will not trip circuit breakers, allowing the electrical heating to continue to dangerous levels resulting in unfortunate defective fan accidents.

Glowing connections may take days, months or even years to develop and are often a result of poor quality wiring or bad product design. Box fans manufactured in China, without quality control and minimum industry standards, appear to be at particular risk of developing glowing connections that can result in fire, burn injuries and carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you suffered serious burn injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning or the wrongful death of a loved one in a fire caused by a defective fan accident, please call The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s in San Antonio, Texas for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.


Faulty Heater Accidents
 The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s are dedicated to serving the legal needs of those who have been injured or lost a loved one because of negligence or reckless disregard for consumer safety on the part of American and foreign manufacturers. Faulty heaters cause fires. We believe it is unconscionable negligence for manufacturers to put consumers in peril in order to shave a few cents or a few dollars off the per-unit cost of a heater or any other consumer product. We fight to make manufacturers pay for the harm caused by defective products and bad product design.  The law protects retailers of defective products unless they materially altered the product to cause the defect or the manufacturer cannot be sued because it is out of the country. Due to the so-called “Wal-Mart effect,” an increasing number of products are being manufactured in China The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s are dedicated to fighting the cheapening of American products and the real risk of injury and death posed by shoddy manufacturing processes and substandard materials used in China and imported for use by unsuspecting American consumers.

“In a recent case, we bought 20 space heaters made in China. Not one of them contained the same internal components. All of them were missing at least 10 percent of their parts, and some had even been hot-glued in place. That’s how we found them. It’s scary, but true.”

If you suffered serious burn injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning or the wrongful death of a loved one in a fire caused by a faulty heater accident, please call The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s in San Antonio, Texas for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.


Farm & Ranch Accidents
 An experienced landscape business owner went to grind a stump out of the back yard of a customer’s home. The stump grinder he used had an ineffective guard and no “dead man’s switch” or operator presence system to shut the machine off if he left the controls. Unfortunately, the man was found underneath the machine, horribly injured and he eventually bled to death. The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s took the case. We obtained a substantial settlement for the man’s family. As in other types of workplace injuries and farm and ranch accidents, our team of accomplished lawyers can help you identify potential sources of insurance coverage and legal liability for your injuries. We can provide you with a detailed assessment of your farm or ranch accident case and guide you in making an informed decision as to how to proceed with a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Our team of proven accident and injury trial lawyers located in San Antonio, Texas will help you seek maximum recovery after a farm and ranch accident caused by:

• Auger injuries such as amputation  

• Faulty stump grinders and severe head injuries  

• Tractor rollovers and instability issues  

• Defective agricultural products  

• Burn injuries caused by missing or faulty safety devices 

Escalator Accidents

A young child was riding down an escalator.  The child lost his balance and when he put his hand down to brace himself, it slid in an excessive gap between the escalator step and the side skirt, severely injuring his hand. Every year thousands of people are injured due to entrapments that are caused by the negligence and carelessness of escalator owners.  State laws and industry standards mandate that each escalator be maintained in a safe condition and that it pass a yearly inspection. When escalator owners fail to follow the law, innocent people can become seriously injured by an escalator accident. If you or a loved one has been involved in an escalatory accident, please call the Wyatt Law Firm Texas personal injury lawyers. The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s San Antonio, Texas fight for those who have been injured by defective and poorly maintained escalators resulting in Escalator Accidents.

Our team of proven accident and injury trial lawyers will help you seek maximum recovery after escalator accidents caused by:

• Excessive gaps between the escalator step and the side skirt

• Texas Code compliance and violations

• Failure to inspect and maintain escalators

• Company’s gross negligence in not repairing escalators

Defective Industrial Equipment
 The Wyatt Law Firm Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s has significant experience in obtaining substantial financial recovery for victims of serious injury or wrongful death caused by defective industrial equipment. Consumer products are highly regulated. The same products, when sold for use in an industrial setting, are often not required to have the same types of protective devices and safety warnings. We believe this is wrong, and are committed to fighting for the rights of victims of serious injury or wrongful death caused by defective industrial equipment. If you were hurt in a factory or construction site accident or a loved one died as a result of commercial product defects, please contact us today to discuss your rights and options in a free consultation.

Our Lawyers have taken on some of the largest manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery. We have a proven record of success in the negotiation and litigation of personal injury and wrongful death claims regarding industrial, construction and manufacturing product defects.

The following are examples of cases in which our accomplished trial lawyers successfully obtained financial recovery for clients who were injured by defective industrial equipment:

• Forklift: Absent locking mechanism resulted in head injury and paralysis

• Stump grinder: Manufactured and sold without a guard or operator presence system to prevent operator injury or death

Auto ramp: Failure resulted in crushing damage, spinal cord injury and paraplegia



Paula Wyatt Holds The Following Recognitions: 


The Passion to fight, the Experience to win.

The Wyatt Law Firm is unrivaled in commitment to individualized client attention and an unrelenting passion for justice.

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  • I want to express my deepest appreciation to the Wyatt Law Firm for all of the hard work that was put forth on my behalf.  In the beginning, I was so worried, but Paula and James made me feel so very special – almost like I was the only case they had.  The whole Wyatt Law Firm is such a comforting group of special people that I cannot express how fantastic they all are.  Chrystal, Ryan and Toni and so many others that I didn’t actually meet but I know they are in the background making everything come together. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my life so special just by having you all as my friends. God Bless you.

    Ms. Nancy Losey
  • With all the pain and suffering, it was a comfort knowing that my family and I were being taken care of. Again, so many Thanks to you, Paula and all Your Staff. God Bless.

    Mrs. Nora Lopez
  • I want to give thanks for the incredible job you and your staff provided for us. First of all to Paula, you were outsanding for your consistency and support throughout the years. Also special thanks to Toni for everything you’ve done. Again, great job to the Wyatt Law Firm for the outstanding job you’ve done. I am just so overwhelmed how everything came to a closure. Again Thanks, take care and God Bless!

    Mr. Paul Zamora
  • On behalf of the Zamora Family, we would like to thank you Paula and Toni and the staff at the Wyatt Law Firm, from the bottom of our hearts for all of the time and patience that your law firm gave us in representing our family. We are just so grateful that this matter is behind us and we have The Wyatt Law Firm to thank. Once again, God Bless you and Thank you for all of your hard work.

    Mrs. Adrianna Zamora
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