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Oil Field Injury Lawyers Seeking Justice

Have you been involved in a serious accident in a South Texas oil field? Has a loved one passed away prematurely due to a fatal oil field accident anywhere in Texas? If so, contact our personal injury lawyers immediately.

We serve people throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo, Midland and Corpus Christi.

At Wyatt Law Firm, we believe in pursuing full justice and compensation for our clients. We will put all our efforts, manpower and experience into fighting for you!

We do not let blatant acts of negligence or carelessness go unanswered. By investigating your claim thoroughly and intensively, we can uncover liable parties that have contributed to your injuries. From negligent employers to careless industrial product manufacturers, we are not afraid to go up against major corporate entities and demand the justice you deserve.

Demand Compensation For Your Losses And Suffering

Texas has long been famous for its vast oil and gas resources. With new finds in the Permian Basin and elsewhere, the industry has rapidly expanded operations. With this new activity in the oil fields comes increased risks for oil field workers.

Oil field accidents are often caused by:

If you have suffered harm in the Texas oil fields, Wyatt Law Firm will seek maximum compensation for you. We represent oil and gas workers in the Barnett Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale, the Haynesville Shale and other locations in Texas.

Every Oil Field Worker Deserves Justice

Due to the emphasis on profit, many workers and crew members are put to work quickly and are often placed in high-stress situations with little to no industry training. Though safety protocols are implemented to help prevent injury or wrongful death at work, these precautions are essentially useless if employers or product manufacturers act negligently and put the lives of innocent workers at risk.

At Wyatt Law Firm, our mission is helping victims of corporate negligence get justice and full compensation for their losses. We are relentless warriors for truth.

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