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Have you been involved in a serious accident in a South Texas oil field? Has a loved one passed away prematurely due to a fatal oil field accident anywhere in Texas? If so, contact our personal injury lawyers immediately.

We serve people throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo, Midland and Corpus Christi.

At Wyatt Law Firm, we believe in pursuing full justice and compensation for our clients. We will put all our efforts, manpower and experience into fighting for you!

We do not let blatant acts of negligence or carelessness go unanswered. By investigating your claim thoroughly and intensively, we can uncover liable parties that have contributed to your injuries. From negligent employers to careless industrial product manufacturers, we are not afraid to go up against major corporate entities and demand the justice you deserve.

Demand Compensation For Your Losses And Suffering

the national trial lawyers top 100Texas has long been famous for its vast oil and gas resources. With new finds in the Permian Basin and elsewhere, the industry has rapidly expanded operations. With this new activity in the oil fields comes increased risks for oil field workers.

Oil field accidents are often caused by:

If you have suffered harm in the Texas oil fields, Wyatt Law Firm will seek maximum compensation for you. We represent oil and gas workers in the Barnett Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale, the Haynesville Shale and other locations in Texas.

Every Oil Field Worker Deserves Justice

Due to the emphasis on profit, many workers and crew members are put to work quickly and are often placed in high-stress situations with little to no industry training. Though safety protocols are implemented to help prevent injury or wrongful death at work, these precautions are essentially useless if employers or product manufacturers act negligently and put the lives of innocent workers at risk.

At Wyatt Law Firm, our mission is helping victims of corporate negligence get justice and full compensation for their losses. We are relentless warriors for truth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Work-Related Injuries In The Oil And Gas Industry

What do I do if I’ve been involved in an oil field accident?

  1. If possible, it is important that you first notify your supervisor of the incident to ensure there is documentation surrounding the incident.
  2. After notifying your supervisor, seek medical treatment immediately. It is important that your injuries and symptoms are documented as soon as possible to retain the value of your personal injury claim.
  3. After you have sought medical treatment, contact and experienced personal injury lawyer, preferably a personal injury lawyer well-versed in handling oilfield accident lawsuits. The personal injury lawyers at the Wyatt Law Firm have decades of experience in handling oilfield accident lawsuits. We are familiar with the entire process of an oilfield accident claim from start to finish.
  4. Additionally, we will make sure that you receive state of the art treatment for the injuries you sustained as a result of an oilfield accident.

Do I have a legal claim if I already received worker’s compensation?

Yes, you may have a legal claim, even if you received worker’s compensation benefits. Please note that the Wyatt Law Firm does not handle worker’s compensation claims but we are eager to represent you for a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawsuit may enable you to recover money above and beyond workers’ comp, such as compensation for pain and suffering.

What if I was exposed to chemicals while working on the job? Do I still have a case?

Absolutely. Exposure to harmful chemicals while working in an industrial environment is a serious situation. Exposure to chemicals such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, among many other compounds can be harmful. It is important that you first seek medical treatment and then contact a personal injury attorney that is experienced in handling claims related to toxic chemical exposure.

I got fired for using my stop-work authority. Do I have a case?

Wyatt Law Firm applauds you for taking appropriate measures to ensure safety where you work. However, we are a personal injury firm, seeking maximum compensation for damages caused by negligence. If you give us a call, we are happy to refer you to a firm that handles employment law.

What happens if I can’t work anymore because of my injuries?

You may be entitled to disability compensation because you have lost your vocation and earning ability. At the Wyatt Law Firm, we fight hard for maximum compensation because we realize that major accidents change lives forever, even preventing people from returning to work.

Can I claim lost wages?

Yes. Wyatt Law Firm helps clients claim lost wages as well as future damages for loss of vocational ability.

What if I had a prior oil field accident and got re-injured?

It’s proof that you work in a dangerous industry! If your oil field accident aggravated an old injury, you are still entitled to seek compensation, including damages for chronic pain or permanent impairment.

Common Oil Field Accidents And Their Causes

Danger lurks everywhere in the oil and gas fields of Texas. Despite safety regulations and improvements in equipment and procedures, thousands of serious accidents happen every year. These examples are all too typical:

  • Despite wearing a hard hat, a worker suffers a traumatic brain injury when a piece of equipment falls on their head.
  • A worker suffers serious burns when leaking gas is ignited by a spark.
  • An overworked truck driver causes an accident when delivering supplies to a work site.

How Do Oil And Gas Field Accidents Happen?

These are the most common types of accidents that occur on drilling and production sites in Texas:

Equipment failure — Oil drillers and producers use a wide range of equipment and tools in their work. This equipment is subject to failure due to poor design and construction, inadequate maintenance, mechanical failure, insufficient inspection procedures and other causes.

Well blowouts — Oil and gas wells have robust control mechanisms to minimize the possibility of blowouts. But sometimes they fail due to poor design, manufacture, maintenance or a mistake on the part of a petroleum engineer or worker. The cause or causes of a blowout can be complex, requiring intensive investigations by technical experts.

Explosions and fires — These can be sudden and unexpected events resulting from a well blowout, stray spark, static electricity, open flame or friction. The injuries suffered by workers can be catastrophic and potentially fatal.

Truck accidents — Every oil or gas site attracts many vehicles, including those transporting workers to the site, delivery trucks delivering supplies such as fracking sand, and other service trucks. Collisions can happen at the site itself or on the highways and roads leading to the sites.

Caught between and crushing accidents — These can happen when equipment falls on a worker, a vehicle backs up over a worker or in other ways. Again, the injuries can be serious and potentially fatal.

Toxic exposure — Hydrocarbons are inherently toxic. When workers are exposed to them in closed spaces, serious injury or death can happen. Storage tanks in particular are dangerous. For example, oil workers have to take great care when opening a thief hatch while doing a sampling procedure lest they inhale toxic levels of gas. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas is also quite hazardous.

Fracking accidents — During the fracking process, toxic chemicals can leak into the atmosphere, soil and water table. These expose both workers and members of the public to serious injury.

Who Can Claim Compensation?

Most, if not all, oil and gas workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits following a workplace injury. But when an injury is caused by the negligence of a third party such as an equipment manufacturer, contractor or service provider, they can claim additional money. In many cases, the value of a third-party claim can far exceed that of the work comp benefits the worker receives.

Fatal Oil Field Accidents

While there is no doubt that continued growth in the Texas oil and gas industry is good for business and workers, it also comes with some significant hazards. Torn between growth and ensuring safety, too many corporations prioritize growth. For an industry with significant hazards, this choice results in fatalities every day.

Family members of those killed as the result of corporate negligence can fight back. They can seek justice and compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Oil Field Fatalities Are On The Rise

Texas is home to a strip of road that locals call “Death Highway.” In 2017, 93 people died in accidents involving trucks just in and around the Permian Basin, or 43 percent more than in 2012. According to many experts, the number of deaths on this roadway is expected to rise along with the price of oil, which drives drilling and production activity.

Other conditions in oil fields also result in fatal oil field injuries, including fires, explosions and exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas.

Fracking Accidents

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” is a controversial method used by many oil field companies. In order to extract oil and natural gas from the ground, oil field workers can drill and inject fluid into the ground at a high pressure point. Due to the increased pressure levels, shale rocks containing natural sources of oil and gas fracture, releasing the crude oil or natural gas into oil wells.

Although fracking is a common method of extraction, it comes at a price. During the process of shale rock fracturing, toxic chemicals leak out of the wells and are released into the environment. Thousands of employees, oil workers and innocent property owners have sustained serious injuries, damages, and fatal losses due to irresponsible fracking practices.

Have You Suffered Injury Or Toxic Exposure Due To Fracking?

As a result of fracking, hundreds of chemicals, carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), and toxic gases are released into the surrounding environment, including formaldehyde, lead, mercury, methanol gas, radium, and uranium. The toxic chemicals released during the process of hydraulic fracturing can leak into surrounding soil, gas wells, nearby groundwater, and public drinking water sources.

Common ailments associated with fracking include:

  • Sensory impairment due to toxic exposure
  • Respiratory failure due to toxic exposure
  • Neurological damage due to toxic exposure
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Burn injuries caused by oil rig explosions and fires
  • Accidents caused by defective equipment
  • Crushing injuries
  • Fuel spills

Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that can be extremely dangerous, even deadly, if inhaled. Workers in oil and gas fields are particularly vulnerable. When hydrogen sulfide is improperly monitored or there is a breakdown in equipment or a process, death or serious injury is possible.

Unfortunately, injured oil field workers are often at a disadvantage when seeking compensation for negligence. Corporations have deep pockets and do not hesitate to defend themselves aggressively.

Wyatt Law Firm is more than a match for the attorneys that corporations hire. We have a record of success in cases involving oil field and industrial accidents and aggressively pursue justice and maximum compensation for our clients.

Oil Field Explosions

Explosions are one of the most common oil field accidents. They are often fatal. When they cause serious injuries, the accident victims often require lifetime medical care, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Oil Field Accidents Can Have Complex Causes

Texas oil and gas field sites contain dangerous equipment and combustible materials used in the drilling process. Batteries can leak explosive gases. Electrical equipment can short-circuit. Then there is the oil or gas itself, which is highly explosive by its very nature. A single stray spark from a tool can cause a huge explosion and fire.

When you read initial media reports about oil field explosions, one fact stands out. They rarely if ever state what caused these accidents. Usually, the cause can be determined only after a lengthy and thorough investigation. Often, it turns out that a series of events combined to cause a blast.

At Wyatt Law Firm, we have the investigative resources needed to determine how explosions occur. With the help of experienced drilling engineers and other oil field experts, our attorneys will conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the cause of the explosion and to assign liability.

Oilfield Fires and Explosions

Anyone who works on an oil field knows how dangerous a fire is. And when a blaze erupts, oil workers get seriously injured or die.

The sad thing is, many disastrous oil field fires can be prevented. But drillers, production companies, equipment suppliers and other parties fail in their duties to oil field workers.

Oil Field Truck Accidents

The rapidly growing Texas oil and gas industry demands a lot from its drivers: they must work long hours, manage heavy loads and drive on unsafe roadways. As a result, many oil field workers are victims of road accidents. In other cases, oil field truck drivers cause accidents that harm other drivers.

Oil And Gas Truck Drivers Follow Different Regulations

The oil and gas industry is booming, and the industry giants are doing everything they can to capitalize on that growth. Truck drivers in the industry are exempt from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) service laws, which were put in place to protect truck drivers and others on the road. For oil and gas truck drivers, waiting time does not count toward hours of service; this can extend a work shift by several hours.

Not only are drivers’ shifts too long, the infrastructure to support their work is not substantial enough for the demands. Often, it takes a lawsuit to document poorly maintained equipment or heavy use of roads that were not built for industrial traffic.

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