A tragic accident involving a stopped car claims 2 lives, injures others

by Paula A. Wyatt | July 17, 2020 | Blog, Wrongful Death | 0 comments

A tragic accident involving a stopped car claims 2 lives, injures others A Nissan Altima and a Ford Mustang, both with teenage drivers, were involved in a devastating crash in Texas and that led to catastrophic, fatal injuries for at least two people involved in the wreck. It is a tragic case that underscores the risks everyone faces on the road when they have to make an unexpected stop. Per reports, the Altima was being driven on Interstate 45 by an 18-year-old when it got a flat tire.  When the car got the flat, the driver stopped the vehicle in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, so that he and his passengers could wait for help. While the car was stranded, the Mustang came up behind it with a 17-year-old behind the wheel. The sports car slammed into the back of the Altima, and two of the passengers were ultimately killed. The authorities say that alcohol does not appear to be involved in the crash. This case helps to show the risk that a simple mechanical issue can pose for anyone on the road. Car trouble comes in many forms, but, when it forces a driver to stop on the side of the road, there is an inherent level of danger from the traffic nearby. A driver who is rushing along or simply distracted may not notice that a vehicle is stopped in time to avoid a terrible accident. With so many people involved and many of them in various stages of injury, the investigation into this particular wreck could take some time.  News that a loved one has been killed in a traffic accident is very difficult for family members, and no amount of money can overcome the loss that they feel. However, it may be wise to seek compensation for related costs so as to reduce financial stress and other burdens that the survivors face. If your loved one is injured or killed in a car wreck due to another driver's mistake, find out what you can do to assert your legal rights.   


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