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Amputation injuries in the workplace

by | May 4, 2020 | Catastrophic Injuries, Workplace Accidents

Amputations are devasting and can cause a traumatic change in an individual’s life. While there are different causes for potential amputations, many workers are at risk for this type of injury.

What is an amputation injury?

Amputation occurs when there is a loss of a body part due to an injury. In some cases of amputation, the reattachment of the lost body part can occur if the severed limb is properly taken care of. But in some cases of severe injuries, the body part may be partially severed. The limb then cannot be reattached. Some complications that occur with amputations are bleeding, shock and infection.

Who is at risk for amputation injuries?

In 2017, one in every 20,000 workers have suffered from amputation involving a work-related injury. Amputation injuries are more common for workers who spend time around sharp blades, heavy machinery or presses. Factory works, construction workers, electricians and manufacturing plant employees are just a few of the types of workers at risk of amputation injuries.

How to reduce the risk

If employees use sharp blades or heavy machinery in the workplace, there are way to reduce the number of potential injuries.

To prevent amputation injuries in your workplace, you need to:

  • Have adequate training for every employee working with different types of heavy machinery or blades
  • Have appropriate procedures in place when it comes to working with machinery
  • Have machine guards in place to provide a physical barrier from potentially hazardous areas
  • Don’t allow workers under the age of 18 to use heavy machinery
  • Have employees wear gloves while working to reduce the number of potential cuts

The workplace can be a dangerous place. By following these guidelines and having a proactive safety protocol in place, the number of possible amputation injuries will reduce.