Defective products lawsuit filed against ATV manufacturer

Defective products lawsuit filed against ATV manufacturer

All-terrain vehicles are utilized by many outdoor enthusiasts in Texas and all across the nation. These vehicles are widely used for recreational purposes as well as for work usage. However, certain models of one ATV manufacturer were known to catch fire. The manufacturer, Polaris Industries, is facing a potential class-action lawsuit for these defective products.

Approximately 300,000 owners of models of Polaris ATVs made from 2011 to 2018 are involved in the lawsuit in a U.S. District Court sitting in another state. Seeking class action status, these consumers claim that the company was aware of the tendency for the vehicle to catch fire. However, according to the lawsuit, the company did not communicate the problem to owners in a timely manner nor adequately resolve the defect.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission had previously fined Polaris over $27 million for its failure to report issues of fires and overheating in certain ATV models. The company made no admission or denial of guilt; however, officials agreed to a settlement. The class-action lawsuit asserts that the company knew that the vehicles posed risk of fire.

The lawsuit was filed by three owners of Polaris ATVs from Alabama, Illinois and Nebraska. It acknowledges the company's recalls, yet claims that the root problem of the risk was not addressed. Documents indicate that Polaris knew of at least three deaths, over 30 serious injuries and more than 250 fires involving these vehicles.

When defective products have caused harm to consumers, some victims may choose to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and/or other in the consumer supply chain. The company may have failed to remove a product from the market or may have not adequately communicated potential risks of using the product. A Texas attorney can help families understand their options and how best to proceed in the litigation process. A successful outcome in a lawsuit can help compensate victims for any injuries, grief and suffering they experienced from using the faulty products.

Source:, "Consumers seek class-action status in new lawsuit against Polaris", Dee Depass, April 9, 2018


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