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Representing People Injured By Dangerous Products

Whether caused by a defect in the design, manufacturing, or marketing of a product, dangerous products hurt and kill thousands of Americans every year. The trial lawyers at Wyatt Law Firm stand up for individuals who have been injured or suffered great loss because of a dangerous product. We have extensive experience with these cases, having helped many product injury victims.

Were you or a loved one injured by a dangerous product? Call Wyatt Law Firm at 210-340-5550 for a free case review. We serve people throughout Texas and the nation.

Dangerous Product Cases We’ve Handled

Below are just some of the many dangerous product cases we have handled.

  • $9,726,995.16 – Defective vehicle tire, wrongful death and brain injury
  • $9,076,736.13​ – Defective fan, burns to a minor child
  • $2,017,348.85​ – Defective smoke detector, victim suffered brain injury
  • $1,891,849.42​ – Defective Christmas tree, client sustained burn injuries

*All values are net recoveries to clients.

How Contingency Fees Benefit Our Clients

the national trial lawyers top 100At Wyatt Law Firm, we handle cases on a “no recovery, no fee” basis. These contingency fees essentially mean that our clients do not pay us unless we secure a financial recovery on their behalf. How does this help our product liability clients? When we take on a case, it is typically on behalf of a person or family who has suffered great loss – both physically and financially.

The burden of medical bills and other expenses after an injury make retaining legal representation seem financially impossible.

But you don’t have to worry about these expenses. Our fees only come after we secure financial compensation for you. You focus on your recovery – we’ll take care of the rest.

Auto Product Liability

In 2014, auto manufacturers issued recalls of 63.5 million vehicles – that’s four times as many cars as they sold in the same year. General Motors’ very public scrutiny over ignition switch defects has brought the issue of vehicle defects to the forefront of consumers’ minds. GM isn’t the only culprit though. Auto manufacturers like Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and Ford also issued millions of recalls over defects ranging from faulty airbags to steering defects. If you or someone you love was involved in an accident and you believe it was caused by a vehicle defect, contact our injury lawyers today for a free review of your case.

Wyatt Law Firm has handled numerous defective vehicle cases. If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a car defect, contact us today. We aggressively seek results for people throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo and Corpus Christi.

Recent Auto Defects And Recalls

In 2014, faulty airbags and ignition switch defects comprised about 58% of all vehicle recalls. Many of the vehicles that were recalled for faulty airbags used Takata brand airbags. According to reports, certain Takata brand airbags contain defective inflators, causing them to deploy incorrectly in the event of a crash. Occupants involved in crashes while in cars using these airbags could sustain injuries from shooting metal fragments. Vehicles affected by this airbag defect include Acuras, BMWs, Chryslers, Fords, Hondas, Toyotas, and more. See CarandDriver.com’s complete list of affected vehicles.

General Motors recalled millions of vehicles over the faulty ignition switches. The faulty switches could in some cases cause the engine to shut off and prevent the airbags from deploying. A federal investigation into GMs ignition switch defects found that the auto manufacturer had known about the fault for 10 years before they said anything about it. The faulty GM switches have been linked to 13 deaths and 31 crashes.

Aside from faulty airbags and ignition switch defects, the top reasons for auto recalls in 2014 included:

  • Electrical defects
  • Brake defects
  • Powertrains
  • Steering
  • Fuel systems and leaks
  • To learn more about these recalls, view 2014 auto recall statistics.

Defective Furniture

Linon Home Décor recently recalled more than 3,000 of its wood patio chairs, calling attention to patio furniture safety. Patio furniture like folding chairs, tables, and umbrellas – like any product – can be defective and pose a serious accident risk to consumers. If you or someone you love was injured because of defective patio furniture, Wyatt Law Firm is here to help.

Common Types of Outdoor Furniture Defects

Many patio and outdoor furniture pieces are recalled due to fall hazards. Glass patio tables can shatter, causing a laceration hazard. Below are some recent furniture recalls that highlight common outdoor furniture defects.

  • Nantucket Outdoor Patio Chairs
    In July 2014, Juancheng Xian Ruiteng Outdoor Furniture Co Ltd. recalled 4,000 of its Nantucket Wicker Outdoor Patio Set Chairs due to a fall hazard. The chair manufacturer issued the recall after receiving two reports of chair legs breaking, but at the time of the recall, there were no reported injuries.
  • Linon Home Décor Foldable Wood Patio Chairs
    Linon recalled 3,300 folding wooden patio chairs after reports that the chairs could tip over, posing a fall hazard. Linon issued the recall after receiving four reports of fall accidents, two of which resulted in minor injuries.
  • Michaels Folding Tables
    In October 2014, Michaels Stores recalled about 8,400 folding tables due to a falling hazard. The company said that the folding tables could collapse under some circumstances, posing a risk of injury. Michaels issued the recall after receiving four customer complaints of injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Defective Furniture

Can I only file a claim if the product in question was recalled?
While some dangerous products are recalled, there are many others that are not. In fact, many dangerous products are not recalled until consumers begin to report injuries. If you were injured in an accident involving outdoor furniture, it is worth contacting an attorney to learn if you might have a claim.

Do all product-related injuries warrant legal action?
While many product-related injuries are caused by defective and faulty product design, not all product-related injuries warrant legal action. The best way to determine if you could be entitled to compensation would be to consult with an attorney experienced in these cases.

How long do I have to file my claim?
Sec. 16.012 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code details guidelines for product liability claims. There are many factors that could determine the length claimants have to file, so consult with an attorney at our firm for more information.

What is your firm’s experience with product defect cases?
Wyatt Law Firm has handled a number of product defect cases, including defective washing machines, defective vehicles, defective helmets, defective tires, and more. We have the experience you need to handle this type of case.

Defective Airbags

Defectively designed airbags can result in devastating accidents and injuries. The trial lawyers at Wyatt Law Firm stand up for individuals who have been injured or suffered great loss due to defective products. We have extensive experience with these cases.

Recently, a massive airbag recall that covers millions of vehicles in the United States was issued. When deployed, these defective air bags reportedly shoot shrapnel into the very people that they are designed to protect. The vehicles with these defective products are incredibly dangerous and have caused a significant number of injuries.

Identifying The Dangers Of Defective Airbags

Owners of certain vehicles are urged to act immediately on recall notices to replace defective airbags. It is estimated that nearly 17 million vehicles in the U.S. are involved in these recalls, coming from more than two dozen brands. These defective airbags have led to the deaths of at least 4 individuals and more than 100 injuries.

Some of the automakers and brands involved in the recalls include:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • BMW
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Subaru
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • General Motors

The defective airbag involves defective inflator and propellant devices that may deploy improperly in the event of a crash, shooting metal fragments into vehicle occupants. These defective airbags have caused deaths and injuries across the United States and are incredibly dangerous.

What led to these defects and why weren’t they caught sooner? While there have been many claims alleging that mishandled chemicals, extreme humidity, and even rust and bad welds caused the defects, there has been no conclusive explanation yet. Simply put, manufacturer negligence is most likely to blame in these cases. Furthermore, documents from as far back as 2002 show that one of the main manufacturers in question, Takata, had a defect rate of roughly 60 to 80 defective parts for every 1 million airbag inflators shipped in one of its plants. Such negligence endangers the consumers who purchase these vehicles.

If you or someone you love was hurt by a defective airbag, we invite you to contact Wyatt Law Firm today to discuss your case with us. You could have a claim against a product manufacturer, retailer, or other party. Typically, when a product is defective, multiple consumers are injured. This can make cases extremely complicated, especially as insurance companies to try to skirt around compensation. The good news is that you don’t have to try to resolve these matters on your own. Our product defect lawyers are more than prepared to assist with your case.

Defective Car Seats

Since 1990, Wyatt Law Firm has been advocating for the wrongfully injured. Our experience with defective products and product recalls is extensive. Like any product, child car seats can be defective because of negligent manufacturing or design flaws. Our law firm acts as an advocate for injured children as well as their families and stands up against large corporations such as car seat manufacturers.

Wyatt Law Firm provides aggressive representation for people throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo and Corpus Christi.

Graco Child Seats recalled Over Harness Buckle Defects

Graco has issued one of the more notable car seat recalls in recent years. The company recalled nearly two million of its car seats over concerns that the harness buckle could get stuck in the locked position. Although Graco states that there have been no injuries associated with the defect, the company is encouraging parents to request a replacement buckle that is a different, safer design. The danger in a buckle that becomes stuck in the locked position is that parents cannot easily remove their child from vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Common Questions About Car Seat Recalls

How do I know if my child’s car seat is safe?
To find out if a recall was issued for a car seat that your child uses, you can search databases like www.parents.com/product-recalls or www.recalls.gov. You can also contact Wyatt Law Firm directly to learn if you might own a defective car seat.

Who can I notify if my child was injured due to a car seat defect?
If your child was involved in an accident and sustained injuries caused by a defective car seat, you should notify the car seat manufacturer and can also notify the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Aside from reporting the injury, we strongly encourage you to contact an injury attorney at our firm to learn your legal options.

Aside from buckles becoming stuck, what other types of car seat defects are there?
Graco’s recent child seat recall concerned buckles that would get stuck in the latched position. Other failures might include buckles that become inadvertently unlatched, defective shoulder straps, defective design of the shell or padding, or a faulty connection between the car seat base and seatbelt.

Does Wyatt Law Firm handle all car seat defect cases?
Yes – if you believe your child was injured due to a defective car seat, please call us to see if you have a claim.

Defective Fans

Have you suffered serious injuries or damages due to a defective box fan? Have you lost a loved one as a result of a defective fan, heater, or air conditioner? If so, you must contact our San Antonio personal injury lawyers immediately. We are here to listen to your story and take the appropriate legal action to make certain your rights and interests are completely protected.

We have successfully represented victims who have been injured by:

  • Defective fans
  • Defective heaters
  • Defective air conditioners
  • Defective and recalled box fans

Since our founding in 1990, Wyatt Law Firm has been helping victims injured by defective fans and other air conditioning equipment in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Property owners expect their equipment to perform without difficulty, defect or harm; yet these products can still malfunction. Defective fans have caused many house fires and explosions throughout the state of Texas, and the manufacturers who make and distribute them could be liable.

In many defective fan cases, we are able to uncover errors in initial reports made by other experts, including insurance agents, fire marshals, and police investigators. If your defective fan caused a fire or explosion leading to serious loss or injury, do not trust the excuses of parties who may be potentially liable.

Defective Guardrails

Defectively designed guardrails have wreaked havoc across the nation in the last few years, resulting in numerous injuries and fatalities. At Wyatt Law Firm, our dangerous product attorneys are proud to advocate for individuals who have suffered serious injury or loss because of defective guardrails or similar products.

Trinity Industries Defective Guardrails

Multiple states have banned all guardrails manufactured by Trinity Industries. This was prompted by a recent and successful lawsuit against Trinity that claimed the company’s product did not perform as intended, and that defect could lead to serious injury or death. To date, lawsuits have linked Trinity’s defective guardrails to eight deaths.

Trinity guardrails were originally designed to give way upon impact, but allegations assert that Trinity may have changed its guardrail design without informing regulators. The updated design caused the guardrails to seize rather than give way. Trinity continues to claim that any modifications to its guardrails posed a threat of injury or death.

Learn more about Trinity Defective Guardrail Lawsuits:

Do you have a dangerous product case?

Determining if you have a case following an injury caused by a guardrail can be challenging. You will first need to establish that an actual defect caused your injury or damages. If a manufacturer hasn’t already announced or admitted that the defect exists, making your case can become much more complicated.

Some of the most common issues that lead to defective guardrails include:

  • Unannounced changes to product style
  • Failure to properly test for crashworthiness
  • Poor design or untested adjustments to design

Design changes made to save manufacturing costs by certain guardrail companies have put thousands of miles of defective guardrails across the United States. While these defective guardrails only have a one-inch decrease in width and height at the end terminal, this small change significantly impacts drivers who collide with them at highway speeds. Defective guardrails can pierce through motorists’ doors instead of bending as they are designed to do. A properly designed guardrail will have its end terminal bend away from the automobile upon impact in an energy-absorbing design. The defective guardrails, instead, will lock up and spear into the vehicle, resulting in life-altering injuries.

Industrial Equipment

If you have been injured in an accident that involved defective industrial equipment, it is imperative that you speak with a legal professional immediately. The insurance companies, product manufacturers, and other investigative teams may already be building a case against you. Do not assume that these major corporate entities are looking out for your best interests.

It is not surprising to hear that major insurance companies will try to uncover evidence that can be used to assign blame, guilt, or negligence to you as the injured victim. Insurance companies will try to get away with paying the least amount of compensation possible and they could use all sorts of tactics in their efforts to achieve this mission.

We have a record of proven case results and have helped our former clients obtain million-dollar and multi-million-dollar recoveries, including:

  • $6,350,326.60* recovery for wrongful death sustained from defective tractor trailer fuel tank
  • $1,178,586.00* recovery for head injury sustained from a defective vacuum pump

*All values are net recovery to clients

Faulty Heaters

Were you injured by a defective heater? Faulty heating units can cause serious fires and burn injuries, and Wyatt Law Firm is here to help victims. Our product liability attorneys are passionate about holding manufacturers responsible for defects in their products’ design, manufacturing, and labeling. Contact us today to learn your legal rights after a defective heater injury.

Common Heaters And Heating Units

Some of the most common heaters and heating units at the center of product liability claims are:

  • Space heaters
  • Home heating/furnace systems
  • Water heaters
  • Vehicle heaters
  • Portable heaters (ex. outdoor or garage heaters)

Of course, not every fire or burn caused by one of these heaters is due to a defect. However, the product manufacturer can still be responsible in some cases. As such, heaters are frequently recalled due to reported injuries.

Recent Heater Recalls And Claims

Vornado Space Heater Recall
On August 14, 2014, Vornado recalled its electric space heaters due to a fire and burn hazard to consumers. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Vornado space heaters can overheat and ignite.

Faulty Heater Kills Husband and Wife
In December 2014, a husband and wife living in Southern California were killed due to carbon monoxide inhalation caused by a malfunctioning wall heater, according to a gas and electric technician.

Aston Martin Cars Recalled Over Faulty Seat Heater
Aston Martin of North America recalled more than 7,000 of its vehicles from years 2006 through 2014 due to claims of faulty seat heaters, saying that the seats could get too hot and potentially cause injury.

Pressure Cooker Injuries

Pressure cookers are meant to make life easier. Households rejoiced when it came on the market. The pressure cooker aimed to cut the time of cooking and utilize practical, more efficient methods. The cooker acts as a sealed vessel in which food cooks with hot liquid. The concentrated food cooks under pressure, thus speeding up the process. Unfortunately, ill-made products can cause serious injury and damage.

At Wyatt Law Firm, we believe that you should not have to worry about your safety when it comes to using a pressure cooker. These devices should be tested for user safety. Manufacturers who fail to do so should be held accountable. Stores that stock defective products can also be held responsible for selling a device known to cause injury.

Common Pressure Cooker Defects

Pressure cookers are cooking devices that close in food and liquid. The sealed content then cooks under pressure with little air to slow the process. This method can be effective, unless the parts do not work the way they should.

Common pressure cooker defects include:

  • The cooker’s gaskets prematurely allow the pot to open during high pressure cooking.
  • The pot’s lid does not seal properly, thus causing spills or expulsion of content.
  • The cooker’s vents fail to adequately release steam, leading to explosions.

Pressure cooker manufacturers should know how dangerous their product could be if not built properly. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, there were at least 39 serious injuries in 2008 that were caused by a defective pressure cooker — resulting in visits to the emergency room. Individuals who suffered because of their pressure cooker reported severe liquid, steam and contact burns, among other injuries. Property damage claims were also filed due to the defective appliance.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, tasked with protecting users from defective products, tracks the pressure cookers reported to cause injury. Some cookers include:

  • Tristar Products Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • Manttra Inc. Pressure Cookers
  • Breville Fast Slow Cookers
  • Double Insight Instant Pot Pressure Cookers

Call A Dangerous Product Lawyer

paula a wyatt attorney wyatt law firm san antonio

San Antonio Defective Product Attorney, Paula A. Wyatt

If you or someone you love was hurt by a dangerous product, we invite you to contact Wyatt Law Firm today to discuss your case with us. You could have a claim against a product manufacturer, retailer, or other party. Typically, when a product is defective, multiple consumers are injured. In this case, you could qualify for a class action suit.

To learn more about your legal rights and options, fill out a free case evaluation form or call a product defect attorney at 210-340-5550.

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