Defective products, such as brakes, place lives in danger

Defective products, such as brakes, place lives in danger In many cases, the discovery that a product is defective or dangerous occurs too late to prevent injury or loss of life. Laws and regulations attempt to establish quality control that reduces the chances that defective products will end up endangering the public. Because of this, Texas consumers may not give a thought to whether they are in danger when they use certain products. Vehicles, for example, have many moving parts, and a defect in any of those parts may result in tragedy. Recently, two teenagers were enjoying a day at a local golf club and resort. According to reports, one of the young men was driving a golf cart, and his friend was a passenger. The two were riding the cart near the edge of the bluff, but when the driver applied the brakes, the cart did not stop. The driver reportedly told investigators that he jumped off the cart and tried to stop it by grabbing it, but he was unsuccessful. He ran to get help. The passenger remained in the cart as it rolled over the cliff and into the lake below. The other teen returned to the scene and attempted to rescue his friend. Emergency responders airlifted the victim to the hospital, but his injuries were too severe, and he died. Defective brakes on any vehicle can lead to devastating accidents. Finding the reason why brakes fail can be a complex task, but it is essential for holding those accountable whose negligence results in injury and death. A skilled Texas attorney will have the resources for undertaking such an investigation and pursuing justice in the civil courts.


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