Drunk driving crashes are devastating, yet preventable

by Paula A. Wyatt | October 5, 2020 | Blog, Personal Injury | 0 comments

Drunk driving crashes are devastating, yet preventable A person who operates a motor vehicle must have the mental and physical ability to control the vehicle and make decisions. Someone who has consumed alcohol or any mind-altering substance might not be able to do this because they are too intoxicated. Impaired driving can kill or injure innocent people. Crashes involving alcohol claim lives or lead to injuries at a rate of around one victim every 20 minutes in this state. The issue with this is that every single death or injury was fully preventable. The intoxicated driver could have taken the safer option and gotten a ride home, but they made the choice to drive. A person who consumed alcohol or drugs can suffer a decline in the cognitive functions and manual abilities that are required to drive. Once this occurs, they likely won’t be able to respond to hazards on the roads. Impairment in Texas is a problem that has been going on for a long time. The state has passed harsh laws for intoxicated driving, but some drivers still think they are invincible and try to drive after they’ve had a few drinks. Others might take some type of drug, including over-the-counter, prescription medications and illegal drugs, before driving. All of these actions can lead to the driver being so impaired that they can’t function properly. Anyone who’s injured by a drunk driver here in Texas needs to seek compensation quickly. Contact the Wyatt Law Firm right away so we can fight for your right to receive compensation for the drunk driving crash. You can reach our professionals via social media, telephone, email or by using our handy online contact form.


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