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Fatal Oil Field Accidents: Maximum Accountability And Compensation For Families

While there is no doubt that continued growth in the Texas oil and gas industry is good for business and workers, it also comes with some significant hazards. Torn between growth and ensuring safety, too many corporations prioritize growth. For an industry with significant hazards, this choice results in fatalities every day.

Family members of those killed as the result of corporate negligence can fight back. They can seek justice and compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Speak with the attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm in San Antonio, Texas. We cannot possibly understand how deep your pain is, but we will treat you with the compassion and respect that you deserve during this difficult time. We will also seek maximum compensation for you.

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Oil Field Fatalities Are On The Rise

Texas is home to a strip of road that locals call “Death Highway.” In 2017, 93 people died in accidents involving trucks just in and around the Permian Basin, or 43 percent more than in 2012. According to many experts, the number of deaths on this roadway is expected to rise along with the price of oil, which drives drilling and production activity.

Other conditions in oil fields also result in fatal oil field injuries, including fires, explosions and exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas.

We Will Take Immediate Action On Your Behalf

When you hire us, our attorneys will act quickly to start building a strong and successful case for you. We will be your steadfast advocate, seeking the best possible jury award or settlement — and justice for the death of your loved one.

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