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With Texas' booming oil industry showing no signs of stopping, oil-related trucking accidents continue to injure and kill many people throughout West Texas. The Permian Basin has the highest concentration of these types of accidents in Texas, particularly the southwest region of the Basin. With 14% of the entire nation's oil production coming from the Permian Basin, this area has seen a massive influx of oil-carrying truck traffic, and, consequently, accidents involving these dangerous vehicles.

Wyatt Law Firm is a passionate advocate for victims of these accidents. Contact our Texas trucking accident and wrongful death lawyers today if you or someone you love was involved in a Permian Basin oil trucking crash.

The Problem

The problem with trucking accidents in the Permian Basin boils down to four main factors:
  • Increased demand for oil has ramped up production, and consequently, exports
  • Oil companies, in an attempt to get more of their product out quicker, use underqualified truckers
  • Truckers, to meet strict deadlines, often speed, drive tired, and employ other reckless driving practices
  • Roads in the Permian Basin were not built to sustain heavy traffic and large semi-trucks
With driving-related accidents accounting for a whopping 40% of the accidents in the oil and gas industry, something must be done. When we represent clients, we are not only fighting for justice on their behalf and for their families. We are also looking to effect change – to right wrongs.

Counties Where Oil-Related Trucking Accidents Happen

  • Andrews County
  • Borden County
  • Crane County
  • Dawson County
  • Ector County
  • Gaines County
  • Glasscock County
  • Howard County
  • Loving County
  • Martin County
  • Midland County
  • Pecos County
  • Reeves County
  • Terrell County
  • Upton County
  • Ward County
  • Winkler County
  • Yoakum County
Many of these counties are in dire need of road repair due to heavy oil field traffic and a better infrastructure overall. The state of the roads, the increase in traffic, and the presence of oil trucks being driven by underqualified, negligent truckers combine to form a safety nightmare. Last year alone, 365 people were killed in truck accidents in the Permian Basin. We invite anyone who has been injured in an accident or had a loved one killed by an oil truck in the Permian Basin to call us right away so we can fight for justice on your behalf.

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