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The oil industry in the state of Texas is still booming, and there are no signs of it stopping. However, with a booming oil industry often comes oil-related truck accidents that can bring about serious physical injuries and emotional trauma for accident victims. In fact, some oil trucking accidents are so severe that accident victims frequently suffer fatal injuries. Since fourteen percent of the country's total oil production originates from the Permian Basin, oil truck accidents in these areas are, unfortunately, common occurrences.

Trucking accidents in this area frequently happen when oil companies use under-qualified truck drivers to move more of their products out more quickly. Additionally, engineers didn't design many roads in the Permian Basin to handle large and heavy semi-trucks and oil rigs. Finally, many truck drivers cause these accidents when they attempt to meet strict deadlines by speeding and operating their vehicles while fatigued.

If you suffered injuries in a truck accident in the Permian Basin, consult an experienced attorney as quickly as possible about your legal matter. The knowledgeable San Antonio Permian Basin accident lawyers at Wyatt Law Firm can take the necessary steps to investigate your accident circumstances right away and begin pursuing the financial compensation you deserve. Our legal team can handle all settlement negotiations with insurance company representatives on your behalf or litigate your case to a prompt, fair, and efficient resolution in the court system.

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Why Choose Us for Legal Representation in Your Case?

The national trial lawyers

If you recently suffered injuries in a truck accident that occurred in the Permian Basin, you are not alone. However, when securing the experienced legal representation and high financial compensation you need for your injuries, you should look no further than the San Antonio Permian Basin accident lawyers at Wyatt Law Firm. Our experienced and aggressive attorneys have a strong track record of success when it comes to maximizing the financial compensation that accident victims recover through settlement and personal injury litigation.

Unlike many personal injury law firms, we are unafraid to take on the insurance company in court and resolve your case through litigation, such as a civil jury trial or binding arbitration hearing. We also have a strong reputation in the community for aggressively fighting for our client's legal rights and working to maximize the financial compensation they recover for their injuries.

Our office has a convenient location at 21 Lynn Batts Lane, Suite 10, San Antonio, TX 78218. Please give us a call right away to find out how we can help you pursue the financial recovery you deserve for your accident-related injuries and financial losses.

What Is My Permian Basin Accident Case Worth?

San Antonio Permian Basin Accident Attorneys

The total amount of financial compensation that an accident victim may receive through settlement or litigation will depend upon their ability to satisfy the legal elements of their claim or lawsuit. First, an injured accident victim must establish that the at-fault individual or entity, such as a negligent truck driver or trucking company, owed them a duty of reasonable care, which they subsequently violated. Truck drivers and other motor vehicle operators have a duty to follow all traffic laws and regulations and to refrain from distracted and intoxicated driving. They must also drive carefully and safely under the circumstances.

Sometimes, however, truck drivers and fracking companies violate their legal duty of care, such as by engaging in fatigued driving, failing to observe the road, or operating their vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition to establishing the duty and breach elements of a personal injury case, you must show that your accident and injuries directly resulted from the at-fault party's negligent behavior.

If you can establish these legal elements, you can receive various types of monetary damages. Since every oil truck accident case is different, not all accident victims will be in a position to receive the same types and amounts of financial compensation. Instead, the settlement or litigation award that you receive will likely depend on the cost of your medical treatment, the specific medical care that you received, and the nature and extent of your accident-related injuries.

First, you can recover compensation for your past and anticipated medical costs and lost income if you missed time from work after your accident. Additionally, you can make a claim for loss of earning capacity if your injuries require that you switch jobs and accept a lower rate of pay. Furthermore, you can receive a monetary recovery for your intangible losses, including compensation for pain and suffering, inconvenience, mental and emotional anguish, loss of spousal consortium, lifetime or long-term care costs, permanent disfigurement, permanent scarring, loss of the ability to use a body part (such as from a paralysis injury), or lost quality of life.

Our legal team will do everything possible to maximize your settlement or litigation compensation so that you become whole again, to the greatest extent possible, after your accident.

Where Do Truck Accidents Frequently Occur in the Permian Basin?

Oil-related trucking accidents in the Permian Basin are unfortunately common in numerous Texas counties. Some of the most common counties where these truck accidents occur include:

Midland CountyGlasscock CountyEctor County
Loving CountyCrane CountyHoward County
Martin CountyReeves CountyDawson County
Winkler CountyBorden CountyAndrews County
Gaines CountyYoakum CountyTerrell County
Upton CountyWard CountyPecos County

Unfortunately, many of these counties require road repairs because of the poor infrastructure and heavy oilfield traffic. Moreover, engineers didn't design many of these roads with the intention of large and heavy vehicles operating on them. When underqualified and negligent truck drivers operate vehicles on these roads, severe accidents and injuries may result.

If you recently sustained injuries in an oil-related trucking accident that occurred in one of these locations, you should consult with our legal team right away about potential options. We can take the necessary steps on your behalf and work to recover the favorable monetary damages you need and deserve for your accident-related losses.

Common Causes and Types of Oil-related Trucking Accidents in the Permian Basin

When truck drivers and trucking companies commit negligent actions while operating vehicles in the Permian Basin, they may cause accidents that lead to debilitating and sometimes permanent or fatal injuries. Some of the most common causes of these truck accidents include:

  • Violating common traffic laws, such as speeding, failing to yield the right-of-way, or failing to use turn signals at the proper times
  • Violating state and federal motor carrier regulations, especially when transporting harmful chemicals
  • Failing to watch the road, or engaging in distracted driving, such as by listening to loud music, programming a GPS navigation system while driving, or looking at a cell phone or tablet
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, causing a driver to lose focus and concentration or experience physical and mental symptoms, such as impaired judgment, delayed reflexes, and delayed reaction time, which may prevent them from operating the vehicle carefully and safely
  • Fatigued driving, where a driver loses focus and concentration or falls asleep at the wheel of their truck, causing the truck to careen out of control.

At other times, an oil-related truck accident may occur when a municipality fails to properly maintain a roadway in its jurisdiction, such as by failing to promptly repair or correct potholes, cracks, and other roadway defects.

When truck drivers and others commit these negligent actions, they may bring about various types of accidents. Some of the most common types of oil-related truck accidents include:

  • Rollover accidents where a truck overturns fully or partially in the middle of the road, causing a multi-vehicle pile-up
  • Jackknife accidents, where a large truck folds inward and collides with other vehicles
  • Rear-end accidents, where the front of a large truck hits the back of another vehicle
  • Sideswipe accidents, where the side of a large truck collides with the side of another vehicle that is traveling in the same direction
  • T-bone or broadside accidents, where the front of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle
  • Head-on collisions, where the front of a large truck strikes the front of an oncoming vehicle.

If you sustained injuries in an oil-related trucking accident, retain an experienced attorney who can handle every step of the process for you. Our legal team can promptly investigate the circumstances of your accident, file a claim with the insurance company on your behalf, and aggressively negotiate for the fair settlement compensation you need and deserve.

Common Truck Accident Injuries That Accident Victims Can Recover

In an oil-related truck accident, accident victims may suffer severe injuries that leave them incapacitated. Some of the most common injuries an accident victim may sustain include internal bleeding and organ damage, burn injuries, open lacerations, bruises, bone fractures, soft tissue neck and back injuries, eye injuries, mouth and teeth injuries, complete and incomplete paralysis injuries, spinal cord injuries, and death.

Upon suffering any of these injuries in an accident, seek medical treatment immediately and follow through with all your prescribed medical treatment. Your health should be your priority. In the meantime, our legal team can concentrate on filing a personal injury claim promptly and recovering the monetary damages you deserve. We will take care of all the legal details.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Permian Basin Accident

Following a truck accident that occurs in the Permian Basin, you should have an aggressive team of attorneys representing you during settlement negotiations with insurance company adjusters. Our legal team can fight for your rights by pointing to favorable medical documentation and expert reports. We can also threaten the insurance company with litigation in the court system if the adjuster handling your claim refuses to compensate you fairly.

Insurance companies, despite what they may say, do not have any interest in fairly compensating you for accident-related losses. Our skilled team of attorneys knows how to combat the insurance company's tactics to pursue the fair monetary compensation you need.

Steps to Take After Suffering Injuries in an Accident

If you recently sustained injuries in an oil-related truck accident, there are several steps that you can take on your own to get the ball rolling and preserve your right to favorable financial recovery. First, you should be sure to complete your medical treatment regimen by attending all medical appointments and undergoing all necessary procedures. Also, depending on your injuries, you may attend ongoing physical or occupational therapy sessions. By seeking treatment for all of your injuries continuously, you show the insurance company that you took your medical treatment seriously and that your injuries are serious. You also increase your chances of achieving a favorable medical recovery.

In addition to attending medical appointments and getting the treatment you need, always retain all accident-related documentation, including copies of police investigation reports and witness statements, and forward those documents to us once you retain us for legal representation in your case. After your medical treatment, we can submit these documents to the insurance company on your behalf and pursue the full monetary recovery you deserve.

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Occasionally, people might think they are unable to afford a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers usually work under a financial arrangement called contingency. This means that the law firm will collect their fee from their client's financial award. Clients typically do not have any out-of-pocket costs when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney.

If you recently suffered injuries in an accident that occurred in the Permian Basin, always consult an experienced personal injury attorney in San Antonio right away. The skilled team of attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm can immediately investigate your accident circumstances and pursue the financial recovery you need to become whole again.

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