Apartment security may protect from home invasions

Apartment security may protect from home invasions The old saying that a man’s home is his castle means that people should be free to enjoy their residences as they please and feel safe from others who might encroach on their rights. For Texas homeowners, this may mean taking extra steps to provide security for themselves and their loved ones. Those who rent, however, often must rely on the security measures their landlords take. One man in another state may have believed his apartment was his castle until the night a gang of home invaders broke in. Around 10:30 p.m., an unknown number of masked assailants entered the apartment by force. The intruders carried guns and proceeded to rob the apartment. In the course of the robbery, one of them fatally shot the resident of the apartment. While it is not always easy to protect every resident of an apartment complex, there are steps a landlord can take to minimize the chances that the building will become a target. Installing gates, alarms and lighting, or having a system of security cameras often deter crime. A landlord who thoroughly vets potential tenants can go a long way in keeping other residents safe. When someone suffers injury or death due to the lax security of an apartment, hotel or other residential building, the victim or the victim’s family may feel the landlord’s negligence contributed to the tragedy. They may wish to seek justice through the civil courts. With the assistance of a Texas attorney, many victims are able to obtain compensation for their pain and loss.


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