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At Wyatt Law Firm, we understand that many victims of serious workplace accidents will lose their ability to speak up or act for themselves. Our San Antonio workplace accident lawyers are committed to upholding your best interests and needs, approaching every aspect of your case in the most compassionate yet effective manner possible. You deserve a swift resolution to your legal matter, and we are ready to put our knowledge, skill, and manpower to work on your behalf. Contact Wyatt Law Firm today to speak with us confidentially and get you consultation from our San Antonio workplace accident lawyers.

We provide aggressive representation for people throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo and Corpus Christi.

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Demanding Justice In The Work Environment

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Some occupations are more dangerous than others by design, and some of these dangers can lead to serious injury, loss, or fatality. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics' National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries has shown that in 2013, there were more than 4,400 fatal injuries sustained by workers throughout the United States.

Even more shocking, the state of Texas currently leads the nation in workplace injuries and fatalities. Among the leading causes of workplace injury include transportation accidents; fires and explosions; slip and falls; exposure to toxic chemicals and environments; and contact with heavy objects and equipment.

At Wyatt Law Firm, we strongly uphold that workplace injury and fatality is largely preventable. If employer negligence, defective industrial equipment, lack of systems and procedures, or other forms of negligence caused your accident, do not wait to speak with our San Antonio workplace injury lawyers. We are here to make certain you receive the justice you deserve.

Speaking For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

At the Wyatt Law Firm, we believe that no one should have to sacrifice their quality of life, their livelihood, their well-being, or their life due to someone else's negligence. Our personal injury lawyers value ethical practice, dignity, and quality. We believe in fighting for the fundamental values upon which our country was founded.

We have represented individuals from all occupations, including:

As an American worker, you deserve to be represented by a legal professional who values your contributions to the nation's economy. At the Wyatt Law Firm, we take pride in advocating on behalf of hardworking individuals from all industries. No matter your line of work, we can tailor our legal approach to complement your needs and goals.

Were You Injured By An Explosion in Your Workplace?

The National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries indicates that 122 workers are killed annually by fire and/or explosion at the workplace (data from 2012). Certain workplaces are more prone to explosions than others. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the following workplaces as the most common venues for explosions -

  • Plants (chemical, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Oilfields ( fracking sites, pipelines, etc.)
  • Mines
  • Construction sites

If you or someone you love was involved in a workplace explosion, contact a personal injury lawyer at Wyatt Law Firm for a free review of your case.

We seek maximum compensation for injured workers throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo and Corpus Christi.

Causes of Occupational Explosions

There are a variety of factors that can lead to explosions at the workplace, but some of the most common include:

  • Chemical Oxidation
    For chemical plants in particular, chemicals must be contained in a way that prevents oxidation. When chemicals are exposed, they can heat up and produce gas that can easily ignite and cause an explosion.
  • Electrical Malfunctions
    An electrical explosion can occur because of an arc flash, a high current fault caused by a type of short circuit. These types of explosions are common at electrical plants and construction sites.
  • Failing to Contain Hazardous Materials
    If hazardous materials are not contained per OSHA standards, they can oxidize or ignite and cause an explosion.

Employer's Responsibility To Set Up Emergency Preparedness

According to OSHA, employers in certain industries are required to set up emergency preparedness systems. Without these, the ramification of explosion incidents can be much worse. Emergency preparedness planning can include things like system shutdown and evacuation procedures.

Burn Injuries, Chemical Exposure And Smoke Inhalation

Workers who survive explosions often suffer from serious burn injuries, chemical exposure, smoke inhalation and other injuries. The extent of the injuries differs by type and severity of the explosion. Wyatt Law Firm's personal injury lawyers fight for:

  • Compensation to cover initial and ongoing treatment for burn injuries, chemical exposure, smoke inhalation, etc.
  • Lost wage compensation to cover the wages lost due to time taken off work to recover from injuries
  • Loss of future earning capacity in cases where the employee can no longer return to work
  • Loss of support compensation to assist families who no longer have the financial support of the plaintiff
  • Loss of enjoyment of life compensation due to impaired quality of life caused by the explosion

To learn more about areas of compensation that may be available to you, contact our firm.

Farm And Ranch Accidents

San Antonio Workplace Accident Lawyers

Farm and ranch accidents are, unfortunately, common. Statistics show that many of these accidents are avoidable and are caused by human error. In some cases, farm and ranch accidents are the result of a hazardous, dangerous workplace or a defective piece of machinery. If you were involved in this type of accident, or you lost a loved one in this way, contact Wyatt Law Firm today.

We seek maximum compensation for injured workers throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo and Corpus Christi

Types Of Farming Equipment Accidents

Farming equipment can be extremely dangerous, so extra precaution must be exercised when using it. However, some farm equipment accidents are caused by defects in the machines themselves. Wyatt Law Firm may be able to help if you were injured in an accident involving any of the following types of farm equipment or similar devices.

  • Tractor
    Just like any motor vehicle, tractors can be involved in serious accidents, and sometimes these accidents are caused by defective parts. For example, John Deere recalled some of its utility tractors due to defective spring locking pins in the rollover protection system. This defect presented a risk of serious injury and even death.
  • Combine
    These harvesting and threshing machines can be incredibly dangerous if used improperly, but they can be defective. One Kansas family once sued a combine manufacturer because they say the glass in the combine was defective and resulted in the death of their young daughter.
  • Cultivator
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports a number of accidents involving cultivators. Reports involve everything from minor injuries to employees being crushed by the bars on cultivators.
  • Harvester
    Farmers who get too close to harvesters risk being caught in the moving parts. Many people involved in harvester accidents lose limbs; others lose their lives.

Other farm and ranch equipment that can play a role in serious accidents include:

  • Shredders
  • Plows
  • Balers
  • Tillers

Farm Accident Statistics

There are nearly two million full-time farm and ranch workers in the United States, many of them in Bexar County and elsewhere in Texas. The statistics for farm and ranch accidents are troubling.

  • More than 1.8 million people work on U.S. farms and ranches
  • Most farm and ranch accidents involve equipment and heavy machinery
  • A majority of all fatal farm and ranch accidents involve tractors
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 300 farmers and ranch workers are killed in work-related accidents annually
  • The CDC also reports than approximately 167 agriculture employees (farmers, ranch hands, etc.) are injured daily throughout the U.S.

Sadly, many farmers and ranch workers who are injured on the job suffer permanent and debilitating injuries, which can present a serious economic hardship.

Industrial Fires And Explosions

Plant operators, dispatchers, and other employees who work at chemical and industrial plants have some of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. Every day, they put themselves at risk knowing that the slightest error could have massive implications. From spills and fires to massive explosions, many plant employees are injured and killed across the U.S. every year - many of them in Texas.

Safety And Loss Prevention At Industrial Plants

Chemical and industrial plants are bound by certain regulations, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, to provide a reasonably safe work environment. This includes taking measures to prevent accidents by identifying potential hazards and mitigating risk. Loss prevention measures can both prevent an accident from occurring as well as lessen the impact should an accident occur.

Industrial plants undergo regular reviews and are cited/fined for any violations. Unfortunately, many plants still operate daily with ongoing safety violations that put employees at serious risk. Employers are responsible for protecting their employees, yet plant accidents are most commonly caused by unsafe practices, unsafe conditions, and other failures.

Inadequate Training And Supervision Of Plant Employees

Some plant accidents are caused by worker error rather than an unsafe condition at the worksite, but even these types of accidents can be the fault of the employer. When an employer fails to adequately train or supervise its employees, it can be held indirectly liable for any accident that occurs as a result of an employee's negligence or incompetence.

Plant Accidents In The U.S.

Plant accidents occur in a variety of industries, such as the defense industry, energy industry, manufacturing industry, and mining industry. Below are some recent plant accidents that have occurred in Texas and throughout the U.S.

DuPont LaPorte Facility Chemical Accident
On November 15, 2015, there was a toxic chemical release at the DuPont Facility in LaPorte, Texas. The release of harmful chemicals killed four workers and injured another.

Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas
On April 17, 2013, a massive explosion occurred at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. There were multiple injuries and fatalities.

Fire and Explosion at US Ink Facility in New Jersey
On October 9, 2012, a fire at the US Ink plant in East Rutherford, New Jersey burned seven workers. An investigation by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board determined that the causes included poor design and failure to test systems.

Fatal Explosion at Titanium Plant
On December 9, 2010 there was a fatal dust explosion at the AL Solutions titanium plant in New Cumberland, West Virginia. Investigators determined that the cause of the incident was the dangerous release of combustible dust.

Upper Big Branch Mine Explosion
On April 5, 2010, a massive explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia resulted in 29 of 31 total workers at the mine site being killed. The company running the plant, Massey Energy, was found liable due to blatant safety regulation violations.

Nuclear Energy Plants In Texas

There are four nuclear reactors in Texas that supply nearly a tenth of the state's electricity. Two of these plants are run by Luminant Power and two are run by STP Nuclear in Glen Rose and Bay City, respectively. Nuclear power plant accidents are some of the most serious plant accidents. Nuclear safety in the U.S. is regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The worst nuclear plant accident to date in our nation's history was the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania.

We Demand Justice For Our Clients

We demand employers, product manufacturers, and other corporate entities to adhere to the highest standards of safety and security. Due to our commitment to achieving justice for clients, we do not stop pursuing swift and effective legal recourse until safe working conditions have been achieved for employees and employers alike.

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