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Compensation For Barnett Shale Accident Victims

Perhaps the largest onshore gas field in the U.S. lies close to the heavily populated Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This is the Barnett Shale, where fracking techniques were pioneered. Throughout this area, mobile drilling rigs and Barnett service trucks compete for space on the road with the rush hour flow of SUVs, sedans, pickups and local delivery vans. In this rapidly expanding urban area, it means danger for local residents as well as drivers of Barnett drilling and service vehicles. At Wyatt Law Firm, we are strong advocates for victims of truck collisions and other accidents that happen in and around oil and gas fields. We seek maximum compensation and justice from negligent corporations and other parties. To learn how we can help you get the medical care and compensation you deserve, call us at 210-340-5550.

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The attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm have earned a reputation throughout Texas for their advocacy skills and ability to get results in oil field accident cases. We work hard to maximize the value of each claim, in cases involving: As a highly successful personal injury law firm, we have the financial resources and investigative abilities to take on corporations and other at-fault parties that negligently cause harm to fracking workers and the public. If you have been injured, Wyatt Law Firm will fight for you.

Most people working in the Barnett Shale are entitled to workers' compensation benefits when they are injured. When the injury is the fault of an equipment supplier or service provider, an injured worker can seek additional damages through a third-party claim. Wyatt Law Firm will seek maximum compensation from all liable parties.

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