Building fires: 6 families displaced in apartment fire

by Paula A. Wyatt | September 15, 2019 | Blog, Building Fires | 0 comments

Building fires: 6 families displaced in apartment fire

Living in an apartment is often the best choice for a family, but it can come with added risks. For example, if there is a fire, many apartments are not adequately prepared for such a potentially catastrophic event. Building fires like that can affect multiple families. This is what six Texas families are having to deal with after a recent fire in their apartment complex.

Authorities say that the fire broke out on a recent late evening at an apartment with several units. When first responders arrived, the second floor of the building was on fire. Reportedly, the blaze started on one of the balconies and spread to other units. The responding fire chief said that the fire stretched across the attic of the apartment and that two chimneys are in a position to potentially collapse.

Over 100 firefighters responded to the call for help, first attacking the fire in order to help with evacuation. Once people were safe, they switched to more defensive measures. Though no one was injured, there was extensive damage and at least six families were displaced from their homes. Thus far, authorities are still working to attempt what caused the fire.

A fire like this one can completely change a Texas family's life forever. The loss of personal possessions and costs incurred in an attempt to repair the damage can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Once the cause of this fire is determined, there are ways to hold any responsible parties accountable. This may even include the property owner if it is found that proper safety measures were not in place. An attorney with experience handling civil litigation relating to building fires can be a valuable asset to a family in this horrible situation.


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