Building fires: Father injured saving kids

by Paula A. Wyatt | October 13, 2019 | Blog, Building Fires | 0 comments

Building fires: Father injured saving kids

Fires can start for numerous reasons, but they all leave devastation behind them. It is the type of disaster that can change a family's life forever as they deal with the aftermath of injuries, property loss or even the death of loved ones. When building fires happen because of someone else's carelessness, they may be especially upsetting since they could be avoided. This is what several families are going through here in Texas after an apartment fire displaced numerous families and injured a father and his children as they attempted to escape the blaze.

Authorities say that the fire started on a recent early morning in an apartment block. They think it was the result of unattended cooking and so far do not believe that it was intentionally set. It broke out in a first-floor apartment that sustained significant damage in the tragedy.

However, the worst result of the fire was that a father suffered burns and serious cuts as he tried to rescue his two children. The children may also have suffered smoke inhalation. Ten people ended up having to find somewhere else to go because of the damage resulting from the fire.

So far, authorities haven't filed any charges against anyone. However, they also say that the apartment where it broke out didn't have working smoke detectors. It is unclear as to whether that is the fault of the property manager or the tenants living in the apartment.

The father and children injured in this fire may require significant medical care in the future. Building fires can affect a significant number of innocent people, as happened in this case here in Texas. People in a similar situation may want to file a civil claim against any parties deemed responsible. An attorney with experience in handling this kind of litigation can help a family seek justice.


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