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Catastrophic injuries of truck accidents

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Auto Accidents

The consequences of a car accident can leave a victim with major complications that can last a lifetime. As terrible as a car accident can be, truck accidents often come with far more dangerous consequences than accidents between two passenger vehicles.

When you pair the naturally more dangerous commercial truck with an increased rate of trucking accidents, it is no surprise that we are at a 30-year peak in trucking fatalities. Wrongful death is the worst outcome that a victim can experience in a trucking accident, but even those fortunate enough to survive can still suffer these catastrophic injuries:

Traumatic brain injury

A strong blow to the head can be enough to leave a victim with internal hemorrhaging or cause an aneurysm or stroke. Significant damage to the brain tissue can result in paralysis, drastic personality changes, and considerable memory issues.

Crushed limbs

A crushed limb is far more severe than a broken arm or leg. When a limb is in that kind of crushed position, it is likely that all or most of the bones are broken, and there is likely to be considerable damage to the muscles, arteries, tendons and ligaments, and everything else in the arm. With so much damage to a limb, amputation may be the only option.

Nerve damage

The spinal cord is extremely vulnerable to damage, and even a minor injury can leave a victim with lifelong pain, numbness, or paralysis. Unlike a broken bone or superficial wounds, these injuries are often irreparable.


Superficial injuries can also be permanent. While minor cuts and burns may leave a victim with a scar small enough to ignore or forget, major ones can worsen. Permanent scarring or disfigurement can limit the quality of life that the victim previously enjoyed, and it can also deny them many opportunities in life.

Protect yourself around commercial trucks

It is easy to forget how destructive the consequences of a car accident involving a commercial vehicle. If you encounter one of these vehicles on the road, be sure to give them the space and time they need to react to their surroundings properly. Even a minor mistake can result in considerable consequences for everyone.