Common injuries from oil refinery accidents

Common injuries from oil refinery accidents

No one has to tell you how dangerous your job in an oil refinery is. You see the risks every day, and you face the hazards from the moment your shift begins. You do not even need to be involved in an accident to be at risk of suffering injuries. An explosion, collapse or chemical spill can place your life in jeopardy from a great distance away.

While it may not be comforting to consider the potential injuries you may face in a typical day, it can help you to understand the importance of taking every possible measure to guard against an accident. Knowing what is at risk may also help you demand the highest standard of safety from your employers, especially if they are not always conscious of what is at stake.

Burn injuries

Recent studies list the work you do in an oil refinery as among the most dangerous jobs in the world. The volatile materials with which you work, the enormous moving equipment and the toxic environment are just a few of the factors that may place you in harm's way every day. However, the most common danger you face is the potential for severe and life-threatening burns. Burns in oil refineries can result from the following:

These life-changing injuries often require multiple surgeries and painful recoveries.

Brain injuries

A blow to the head can result in a brain injury that can alter a person's entire life. Even a mild concussion can have a negative effect on your personality, your cognitive abilities and your bodily functions. In an oil refinery, the following accidents may result in a brain injury:

  • The force of an explosion
  • Falling debris
  • Swinging or moving equipment that is not properly controlled

Your employer should provide you with hard hats, but even these may not be enough to protect you. If you feel dizzy or lose consciousness after a blow to the head, you should not hesitate to seek medical care.

Spinal cord injuries

There is no way to repair the damage that occurs with a spinal cord injury. You may lose your ability to walk, move or control your body. Spinal cord injuries can occur in the following situations:

  • A fall from a high platform
  • The force of an explosion
  • An accident involving a moving vehicle

Any of these or other injuries can leave you with a very different life, one full of frustrations and challenges. If you suffer injuries in an oil refinery accident, you would be wise to seek advice about your options from an attorney with experience assisting others who work in the Texas oil industry.


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