Concussions may be more serious than you think

by Paula A. Wyatt | January 17, 2020 | Blog, Brain Injuries | 0 comments

Concussions may be more serious than you think

If you have ever suffered a concussion, it is likely that your doctor told you to go home and rest, take a few days off work, and let the brain heal itself. After a week, you may have still felt the lingering pain from the blow to your head. However, your doctor's casual reaction to your concussion may have given you the confidence to get back to work and resume your life. Do you realize that a concussion is a brain injury? Medical science is only beginning to understand the long-term effects of a brain injury, and even a mild one like a concussion may leave you with life-changing challenges. If your brain injury resulted when a negligent or reckless driver caused a motor vehicle accident, you would be wise to learn about the implications and your legal options. Even mild trauma can have consequences If you broke your leg, you would probably face situations in which your injury would cause you difficulty. You may be unable to drive, prohibited from safely performing your duties at work or left feeling awkward in social situations. Eventually, your leg may recover or you may learn to accommodate for the injury and lessen the impact of these deficits. However, a recent study shows that those who suffer mild brain injuries may struggle with the effects of their injuries for a year or longer after the accident. The problem is that those with mild brain trauma, concussions, often do not receive the level of concern or follow-up care of those victims of moderate or severe brain injuries or even those with orthopedic injuries. As a result, you may face physical, psychological and cognitive impairments long after the accident that caused your injury. Some report struggling in social settings, having challenges performing their duties at work or having difficulty when faced with complex tasks at home. Stand up for your rights In many cases, those who suffer a concussion in a motor vehicle accident may not even receive a CT scan to confirm the presence of a brain injury. This can make it difficult to seek compensation for appropriate medical care if symptoms persist. You may be among the fortunate ones who recover from a mild brain trauma with no long-term effects. However, this is not always the case, and a thorough examination and follow-up care from a physician following an accident is always a wise idea. If you are in a motor vehicle accident, it is wise to insist on a medical exam. You may also benefit from reaching out to a Texas attorney who is experienced in protecting the best interests of those who suffer brain injuries through no fault of their own.


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