Consumers blame burns on defective products

Consumers blame burns on defective products

Consumers may find it extremely annoying when an item they purchased does not perform correctly or as advertised. However, in some situations Texas consumers might have just cause to feel much more than simply annoyed. Defective products can actually cause serious harm to users, most of whom have no idea about a given product's dangerous nature.

The Joy Mangano My Little Steamer is supposed to be an easy-to-use alternative to ironing clothes. The machine uses hot water to create steam, which gets rid of wrinkles in clothing. According to multiple lawsuits, My Little Steamer also causes burns to users.

Multiple consumers have made complaints and filed lawsuits over what they say is a serious flaw in the steamer's design. Their lawsuits describe the machine unexpectedly spewing boiling water and piping hot steam. Victims experienced severe second and third-degree burns, leaving them in agonizing pain and with lifelong scars. Despite these complaints starting as early as 2013, the company has still yet to warn its customers that its product may unexpectedly spew boiling water and cause burns.

Defective products put everyone at risk, and in many cases it is simply impossible to tell if a product is dangerous or designed poorly simply by looking at it. When consumers who have been injured by dangerous products complain to the companies, they are often met by little more than radio silence. This is why many victims in Texas choose to pursue lawsuits against negligent companies and manufacturers. In addition to achieving compensation for their injuries, victims often feel as if they have secured a sense of justice through successful suits.


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