Critical signs of carbon monoxide poisoning

Critical signs of carbon monoxide poisoning Carbon monoxide poisoning is very serious and can be fatal. Since the gas itself is invisible, tasteless and odorless, you may not know you are inhaling it until you lose consciousness. There have been cases where entire groups of people -- such as workers who are gathered in a small, confined space or family members who are sleeping in the same home -- have all been poisoned. As such, it is incredibly important to know what signs to watch out for. When you see these signs, immediately leave the area and seek fresh air. Do not hesitate. Do not second-guess yourself. You must act, and you must do it quickly.

What to look for

To help, here are some of the main potential symptoms. You can also consider them if you have lost a loved one and you are trying to determine, after the fact, if carbon monoxide poisoning was the reason for their passing.
  • A headache, which may get worse as time goes by, and which has no other clear cause, such as excessive noise exposure or dehydration.
  • Confusion about what is happening or what to do. You may struggle to comprehend things that people are telling you.
  • Upset stomach and vomiting. Your body knows that something is wrong but not how to address it, so you begin to feel sick.
  • Dizziness and instability on your feet, which may make you feel like you have been drugged.
  • General weakness and fatigue. If you are inhaling carbon monoxide, you are depriving your body of the critical oxygen that it needs.
Often, people who are rescued or get out in time describe it as feeling like they had the flu. They may also eventually pass out, almost as if they had been drinking too much, even though they were not intoxicated in the least.

Seeking legal assistance

If you have lost a loved one or suffered a serious brain injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning, you need to know what legal options you have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Wyatt Law Firm to explore those options or get answers to your most pressing questions.


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