Defective products lawsuits likely coming against Boeing

Defective products lawsuits likely coming against Boeing

Air travel is a mode of transportation frequently utilized by Texas residents and others all around the world. Millions travel each day with the expectation of arriving safely at their destinations. However, major plane crashes unfortunately occur and often make the headlines due to the magnitude of the incidents. Two fatal airline crashes have occurred within the past six months, amidst reports of potential safety design flaws. Surviving family members are pondering litigation against the planes' manufacturer regarding their potentially defective products.

Investigations are continuing after crashes involving two Boeing 737 Max jets. A flight in October 2018 claimed the lives of 189 people, while another 157 passengers were killed earlier this month on another flight. There is speculation that there were flaws in the planes' new flight control systems. Legal experts believe that family members will have a strong claim against Boeing.

Potentially, Boeing could be held responsible for the product defects in the control systems as well as failing to remedy the problem after the crash in 2018 occurred. Additionally, there are reports that the company did not adequately train pilots on the new flight control system. Some family members of those killed in the 2018 Lion Air flight, which crashed into the Java Sea, have already filed lawsuits. It is expected that families of the Ethiopian Airlines flight victims will begin making claims in earnest soon. The 737 Max jets have been grounded, pending the investigations.

When deaths occur as the result of a company's defective products, survivors may wish to pursue wrongful death litigation. A Texas personal injury attorney can assist families through the legal process. A successful outcome in a lawsuit can provide survivors with compensation for funeral expenses and possibly an additional award for grief, pain and suffering.


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