Dog bite victims fear leaving the house

Dog bite victims fear leaving the house Texas laws for dog owners may seem strict, but they are intended to protect the public from aggressive or undisciplined animals. While many dog owners take excellent care of their animals, including using proper restraints and training their dogs to behave, some pet owners are not as diligent. This may place others at risk of a dog bite that can be life-changing. Dog bites may result in crushing bone injuries, torn tissue and wounds that scar. The bite of even a small dog may place a victim at risk of severe infection, and a dog that is vicious and uncontrolled can inflict deadly injuries. This why neighbors in one town are frustrated over the negligence of one dog owner who allows his animals to roam the streets in a pack. Over one recent weekend, several residents reported being mauled by four dogs, including two pit bulls, who launched seemingly unprovoked attacks. One woman taking a walk suffered dozens of bites and scratches in a dog attack. The following day, another resident was attacked and mauled so severely he had to be flown to a nearby hospital for treatment. Residents are afraid to even retrieve their mail. Neighbors claim one local man feeds and shelters the dogs, but the man insists the dogs are not his. Nevertheless, investigators are considering charging him with a felony that carries a significant prison term for conviction. Meanwhile, those who have suffered serious dog bite injuries may seek their own justice by filing a claim in Texas civil court for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages.


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