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The oil and gas industry remains a linchpin of the Texas economy, and the Eagle Ford Shale region buzzes with energy production activities. While these operations significantly contribute to the region's fiscal health, they also set the stage for accidents.

These accidents can inflict catastrophic physical injuries, mental suffering, and unpredictable financial burdens on their victims. If you or a loved one suffered an Eagle Ford Shale accident, you may deserve significant compensation from those responsible.

Our Eagle Ford Shale accident attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm aim for maximum compensation for the harm you've suffered and invite you to discover how our passionate legal team can support your quest for justice.

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Why Choose Wyatt Law Firm

You need an attorney with the necessary experience and skills to venture into a legal battle for justice and compensation. The attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm excel in these aspects, and here's why you should hire them.

Wyatt Law Firm's Experience and Proven Track Record

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With decades of experience handling Eagle Ford Shale accident cases, the attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm have built a reputation for rigorously protecting victims' rights. We have experience representing accident victims and maximizing their compensation.

Our track record substantiates our commitment and success. Our San Antonio personal injury attorneys have achieved multi-million-dollar settlements for our clients, demonstrating that we can manage the most challenging and complex cases. We strive to pursue justice, and our results reflect this endeavor.

Convenient Location in Texas

Our convenient location is in San Antonio, three miles from the International Airport on Lynn Batts Lane. Since this is near the Eagle Ford Shale region, we understand the ins and outs of the local oil and gas industry. This proximity and knowledge aids our analysis of accident cases, gathering of essential evidence, and interactions with local law enforcement and witnesses.

Our strategic location in Texas allows us to personalize our service and attention, making the legal process less stressful for you. Our knowledge of local and state laws lets us handle your personal injury case precisely and professionally.

Choosing Wyatt Law Firm's attorneys will place you in capable hands, promising you a relentless and passionate pursuit of the justice and compensation you deserve.

Understanding Your Compensation Rights

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If you've had an accident in the Eagle Ford Shale operations, the skilled attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm can exercise your rights under Texas law and enhance your chances of receiving maximum compensation.

Injuries from oil and gas accidents can be physically and emotionally far-reaching. Victims often face long-term, debilitating consequences, not to mention staggering medical bills, making awareness of potential compensation essential.

Along with medical expenses, you can claim for:

Under Texas law, you can also receive punitive damages for the extreme negligence or misconduct of the at-fault party.

The attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm can determine your claim's worth through skilled calculations. With years of experience, we have developed an acute ability to appraise a case's value. We can determine the total cost of your injuries, treatment, and other damages to maximize your compensation.

The assessment thoroughly evaluates medical records, investigation reports, lost earnings, and the seriousness of your pain and suffering. It may also involve consultation with medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts. We can evaluate your case's worth, considering factors relevant to your compensation rights.

Eagle Ford Shale Accidents: Where Do They Occur?

While the Eagle Ford Shale region is famous for oil and gas production, it is also notorious for accidents. According to data from various sources, accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale region and all over Texas are common. Despite technological advancements and safety measures, about 1,000 accidents occur annually, resulting in fatalities and injuries.

Any oil and gas extraction, processing, or transportation area is inherently risky. Most of these accidents occur around drilling sites, pipelines, refineries, and storage facilities in many Texas counties.

Accidents can also happen during transportation or extraction operations. Numerous active drilling sites in the region expose workers to hazardous conditions, leading to major injuries or fatalities.

Several factors contribute to accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale region. Health and safety violations, inadequate training, and a lack of proper safety equipment are common causes. Legal action by attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm can ensure adequate implementation and enforcement of safety measures while supporting your quest for justice and compensation.

Eagle Ford Shale Accidents and Injuries Practice Areas


As we delve deeper into the hazards of Eagle Ford Shale operations, we realize many types of accidents can occur, causing diverse injuries. At Wyatt Law Firm, our Eagle Ford Shale accident attorneys have experience navigating these accident and injury scenarios.

Types of Accidents in Eagle Ford Shale Operations

Many events and scenarios can turn disastrous, such as well blowouts, falling objects, incidents in confined spaces, and simultaneous incidents.

The other occupational hazards with the potential for injury or death include:

  • Equipment failure.
  • Explosions.
  • Vehicle accidents.
  • Slips and falls.
  • Toxic exposure.

As with any industry heavily reliant on machinery, the oil and gas sectors are not immune to accidents resulting from equipment failure. Equipment may fail because of faults in the manufacturing or design process, improper maintenance, and wear and tear.

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The handling and processing of combustible materials, such as oil and gas, risk explosions. Exposure to chemicals and gasses used by oil and gas extraction can also harm health.

With the heavy transportation of resources to and from drilling sites, vehicular accidents are a prevalent risk in the Eagle Ford Shale region. Slips and falls are common in workplaces with hazardous conditions, such as slippery surfaces, unmarked obstacles, or poorly lit areas.

Injuries Resulting from Eagle Ford Shale Accidents

Injuries resulting from these accidents vary in seriousness, from minor to life-threatening.

Those relating to Eagle Ford Shale accidents include:

  • Burns.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Broken bones and fractures.
  • Head and brain trauma.
  • Damage to the spinal cord.
  • Psychological trauma.

Victims of accidents in Eagle Ford Shale operations deserve compensation for all injuries they have sustained. Through rigorous pursuit, relentless dedication, and extensive experience, the Eagle Ford Shale accident attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm can support your claim for the payment you deserve.

Battling Insurance Companies in Eagle Ford Shale Accident Cases

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Dealing with insurance companies can be intimidating following an oil and gas accident. Insurance adjusters often use a variety of strategies to minimize the settlement, including disputing the level of your injuries, questioning the need for specific medical treatments, or denying their policyholders’ responsibilities.

They may also attempt to rush you into an early settlement, which may not cover your future medical costs or other damages. The complex paperwork and intricate laws surrounding insurance claims can make it even harder to negotiate a fair deal.

The attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. Our legal team understands insurance adjusters’ tactics and prepares a robust strategy to counter them. We evaluate your medical records, consult medical professionals to understand your injuries, and calculate your current and future expenses to determine an appropriate settlement.

We aim to obtain compensation for your current bills and ensure the payment covers your future medical and living expenses. Our attorneys can handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies, relieving you of further stress. We can advocate for your rights and take the matter to court if negotiation doesn't reach a fair settlement.

Steps to Take After an Eagle Ford Shale Accident

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Once the dust has settled after an Eagle Ford Shale accident, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of the correct action. Taking specific steps can enhance your chances of obtaining rightful compensation.

Seek immediate medical attention, even if you feel fine. Some injuries may not be initially apparent, and a delay in treatment may worsen your situation or impede your chances of receiving full compensation. Ensure you follow all prescribed treatments and attend all follow-up visits.

Besides providing critical care, medical records determine the extent of your injuries and the resulting medical costs. Keep meticulous records of your medical visits, treatments, prescriptions, and related expenses.

Keeping a written record of the incident and the aftermath can also help your case. The journal should include details about the accident, the resulting life detriments, and any conversations or correspondence about your accident or injuries. Photographic evidence of your injuries and the accident scene can also be valuable.

Your actions following an accident can benefit your compensation. Contact the Eagle Ford Shale accident attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm immediately. We can build a robust case and fight for your compensation rights.

How the Attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm Can Serve You

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Wyatt Law Firm's legal services extend beyond fighting for your rights in court. We perform every possible task while navigating your personal injury case's often complex and daunting landscape.

A Free Case Evaluation Without Obligation

A case evaluation is the first step toward understanding your legal rights following an oil field accident. At Wyatt Law Firm, we offer a free case evaluation without obligation.

During this meeting, one of our attorneys will sit down with you to discuss the circumstances of your accident and how your injuries have marred your life. We can provide a preliminary assessment of your case, outlining your compensation rights and highlighting the possible legal steps.

This evaluation equips you to make an informed decision about legal action. We conduct these evaluations with complete transparency and seek to answer all your questions, informing you of your case's aspects and potential outcomes.

Our Contingency Fee Approach

At Wyatt Law Firm, we believe everyone should have access to top-tier legal representation, regardless of their financial standing. That's why we operate on a contingency fee basis.

You pay us only if we win your case, allowing you to retain our services without upfront costs or financial stress. Our fee structure is straightforward and transparent, with no hidden charges. Trust and honesty are the foundation of a successful attorney-client relationship, and we strive to uphold these values.

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Paula A. Wyatt, San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

If you have received injuries from an Eagle Ford Shale accident, you should not suffer someone else's negligence or disregard for safety. Our experienced attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm advocate for victims and strive for the maximum possible compensation.

We offer comprehensive legal support, including investigating your accident and representing you in court. Our attorneys are familiar with local and state laws relating to oil and gas accidents and can exhaust all avenues to achieve the best possible outcome.

We understand that the legal process can be overwhelming, and our team is here to navigate it and alleviate your stress. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can fight for your rights. Call us today at (210) 340-5550 or visit our website to book a free case evaluation, and let us reclaim the justice and compensation you deserve.

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