Haynesville Shale Field Accident Attorneys

The Haynesville Shale, also known as the Haynesville-Bossier Shale, is one of the leading onshore natural gas fields in the U.S. Although most of the field's recoverable gas lies in Louisiana, significant reserves are found in Texas, including Gregg County, Harrison County, Nacogdoches County, Panola County and Rusk County. However, the expansion of fracking activity in the Haynesville Shale has increased the frequency of serious accidents at drilling and production sites, as well as on the highways and roads leading to those sites. Have you suffered injuries related to fracking activity in the Haynesville Shale? You deserve compensation for your losses and justice for the wrongs done to you. Wyatt Law Firm will fight tenaciously to win for you. Call us today at 210-340-5550. In a free consultation, an attorney can review your case and explain how we can help you.

Aggressive Lawyers Determined To Win

At Wyatt Law Firm, we take on powerful corporate interests. We speak for those who can't. We seek justice for those who are suffering after a fracking related injury. Our firm works with determination to obtain maximum compensation for people who have suffered oil and gas field injuries caused by:
  • Truck accidents involving drilling and service vehicles
  • Explosions and fires in the Haynesville Shale
  • Toxic exposure, including exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Other acts of negligence in the Haynesville Shale
The relentless warriors at Wyatt Law Firm do not give up. We will fight for you every step of the way.

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For a free case evaluation, contact Wyatt Law Firm by calling 210-340-5550. Our Haynesville-Bossier Shale accident lawyers represent those who are injured and suffering throughout Texas from our offices in San Antonio.


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