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How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from a Remote Starter

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Auto Accidents, Brain Injuries, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Catastrophic Injuries, Personal Injury

As winter is off to a not-so-cold start in South Texas, there is still time for the winter weather to sneak upon us. A winter-wonderland sounds great; however, there are many risks associated with such weather conditions. One of those dangerous risks is carbon monoxide poisoning. No one likes to get inside a brutally cold vehicle, especially those who have the ability to start their vehicles by using a remote control or an app like OnStar. With this ability comes great danger, especially to those who live in homes as they might forget to open their garages before starting their vehicle. When a car is started in a closed garage, the “silent killer” known as carbon monoxide will infiltrate the garage, leading to accidental poisoning when the driver or passenger enters a garage to get into a vehicle.

Unfortunately, according to the Associated Press, this winter, there have already been numerous reports of carbon monoxide poisoning from vehicles left running in an enclosed garage.

Keeping Your Family Safe

To help keep your family safe from vehicle fumes while your car is idling, the CDC says you should make sure the car is outside before starting it remotely. This can help prevent toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, from accumulating in the closed space. When away from home and on busy streets, you may not want to use the remote starter, since some municipalities have ordinances prohibiting unattended cars from idling on public roads, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Having remote start technology can make traveling in cold temperatures a little easier. If you use it, remember, always start the vehicle when the vehicle is an open, well-ventilated space.

What to do if an Emergency Arises

For more tips on how to stay warm and shield yourself from the “silent killer” at the same time, call or visit the following agencies based on your location.

If you’re a Texas resident, contact the Texas Poison Control Network at 1-800-222-1222 or visit the center online at https://www.poisoncontrol.org/home/. The Texas Poison Center Network offers free and confidential services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For other matters outside of the State of Texas, contact the National Capital Poison Center at the 1-800-222-1222, download the webPOISONCONTROL app, or visit the center online at https://www.poison.org/

If you feel you or a loved one have been harmed or suffer from symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, it may also be helpful to consult with the San Antonio personal injury experts at the Wyatt Law Firm.