Karnes County Shale Plant Explosion

Karnes County Shale Plant Explosion

Severe weather conditions may have contributed to a shale plant explosion near Falls City this afternoon.

Authorities are still looking into what might have caused the explosion at a Karnes County shale plant this afternoon. The plant is located just north of Falls City, Texas. As the situation develops, some believe that the severe weather the area experienced this afternoon may have contributed.

Just an hour before the blast, the Falls City area was experiencing a lightning storm. If this was the cause of the accident, it wouldn't be the first time. Lightning storms have been known to cause explosions at shale plants, according to the Karnes County Sheriff.

Emergency responders received the initial call notifying them of the explosion around 4:10 today at which point they made their way to the plant located just off Highway 181.

According to the Sheriff, the blaze had completely consumed multiple oil and saltwater holding tanks. Rather than fight the flame, fire crews decided to let the fire burn out on its own but are waiting at the site on standby in case anything else happens.

Shale plants and fracking sites are some of the most dangerous types of worksites in the United States. Hazardous chemicals and complex machinery abound. Tragically, many workers are killed and injured in these types of accidents.

It is too soon to tell if there were any injuries or fatalities. Wyatt Law Firm's thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who might have been affected by this serious shale plant explosion.


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