Man files premises liability lawsuit re fall on slippery stairs

Man files premises liability lawsuit re fall on slippery stairs

Slip-and-fall accidents have injured countless individuals in Texas and across the country. There are numerous circumstances that can lead to a similar incident, such as inclement weather or inattention. However, some of these accidents occur on account of unsafe conditions on the property of another party, which has lead to numerous premises liability lawsuits throughout the years.

According to reports, a crew removed the slip-resistant foot safety strips from the staircase at a courthouse over a holiday weekend to wax and polish the stairs. They apparently ran out of strips while replacing them, and were awaiting the arrival of new strips, which were supposed to be available on the following day. Unfortunately, before the strips were replaced, a man fell down the stairs at the courthouse and suffered a serious back injury in the process.

He claims that the pain he suffered following the fall is expected to be permanent, and he has extensive medical bills as a result. He was recently awarded a settlement in the amount of $750,000 in relation to the incident. Severe back injuries can be extremely challenging to overcome, and often create various hardships in multiple areas of life.

Those who are severely injured on account of unsafe or defective conditions on another party's property may often choose to seek financial relief through the civil justice system. Since this can be complex, individuals in Texas could seek assistance in navigating the process from an experienced attorney. An attorney can evaluate the incident and assist a client in pursuing compensation through a premises liability claim.

Source:, "SC law clerk gets $750,000 settlement for courthouse fall", May 15, 2017


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