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Highway Truck Accidents Lead To Injuries

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Auto Accidents, Blog, Truck Accidents

There were two separate accidents involving trucks that led to extensive injuries and damages.

On January 14, a case of mistaken identification led to a highway accident. According to the San Antonio Police Department, police officers followed a speeding truck they believed to be their suspect. They followed the big-rig downtown, by Hackberry and Commerce Street. When they realized that it was not the driver they were looking for, they ceased their pursuit.

Unfortunately, the truck kept speeding and crashed into two other cars on Rigsby Avenue. The truck driver was ejected from the vehicle and sustained many injuries. He was taken to University Hospital and is said to be in critical condition. One of the passengers in the other vehicle was in critical condition, while the other reportedly sustained minor injuries. The two of them, along with a third person from the other car, were taken to Brooke Army Medical Center.

Four days later, on January 18, another car accident occurred involving a truck. Five people were injured when a car swerved to avoid hitting a truck.

According to reports, the truck was making a left, when a car changed lanes to avoid hitting the truck. Unfortunately, a collision still occurred. The crash caused all lanes for Enrique Barrera Parkway to close. One of the passengers suffered rib and chest injuries and was said to be in critical condition. The other victims, including a 3-year-old, were taken to University Hospital.

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