Potential health effects of spinal cord injuries

Potential health effects of spinal cord injuries Injuries to the spine can result in devastating, long-lasting health problems. Of course, the effects all depend on the gravity of the accident and the location of the injury. The spine is one of the most complicated parts of the human body, after all. The spinal column, which surrounds the spinal cord, consists of 33 bones (vertebrae) which make up four separate sections plus the tailbone. And the spine is also a major hub for the human central nervous system. When injured, the spinal cord has the potential to completely change a life – from a loss of sensation to complete loss of functionality and paralysis.

Pains and changes to your body’s basic functions

If you suffered an injury to your spine, there is a wide range of potential effects that all may change your life in one way or another. According to the Mayo Clinic, changes to your body may include:
  • Blood circulation – You may experience issues like swelling and low or dangerously high blood pressure.
  • Bladder functionality – Because of your spinal cord’s role in your central nervous system, control over your bladder may be more difficult. These issues may lead to other problems like infections or bladder stones.
  • Obesity caused by lack of mobility– A major injury to your spinal cord can cause significant atrophy and therefore raise the potential for obesity and related health problems. Victims of spinal cord injuries may want to be ahead of the curve and ensure that regular fitness is part of their rehabilitation program.
  • General pain – Various nerve, joint and muscle pains may all be prevalent after a spinal cord injury.
  • Sexual well-being – You may experience several effects in your sexual life, including issues with fertility and general functionality.
Because of the complexity of the nervous system, there are of course many other potential problems that can arise with an injury to the spine. If you have not already done so, seek the help of a medical professional for help. And, for assistance with an injury claim, consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.


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