Premises liability: 3 injured in roller coaster derailment

Premises liability: 3 injured in roller coaster derailment People in Texas and all over the country go to amusement parks to have fun. Some even ride a roller coaster. Despite the thrills they expect to experience while doing so, they ultimately assume that those who own and maintain such rides ensure that they are safe for everyone. Unfortunately, three people were recently injured in an out-of-state incident that could ultimately result in a premises liability lawsuit. The incident happened on a day in June. According to reports, inspectors had found several safety issues with the ride days before the derailment. However, an inspection the day of the accident found that all issues had been corrected. Unfortunately, three people were injured when the roller coaster derailed. According to reports, the victims included two females and one male. One of the females reportedly fell 34 feet from the ride; she compared her descent to how a ping pong bounces but has since been released from the hospital. The other woman suffered 10 broken bones and required surgery. She remains in the hospital. The three victims have since hired attorneys to help them as they manage the fallout of the accident described as being a "foreseeable failure." Unfortunately, people in Texas who suffer injuries due to issues relating to premises liability may feel as these people likely do -- unsure how to respond to such an accident and, perhaps, unable to do so on their own while they cope with their physical injuries. Fortunately, all victims have an option to seek guidance from professionals with experience with such cases.


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