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Scuba Masks, E-Z GO Utility Vehicles Recalled

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Personal Injury, Product Liability | 0 comments

Consumers be warned – if you purchased a Technosport brand scuba mask or a utility vehicle manufactured by E-Z-GO, you may be at risk for injury. Yesterday, the CPSC announced recalls of about 2,600 scuba masks and about 8,200 utility vehicles.


Technosport is recalling about 2,600 of its Omersub Zero Cube scuba diving masks. Although no injuries have been reported, Technosport received 12 reports of incidents where the lens on the mask shattered. Technosport says that the lens shattering is caused by the wrong type of glass being used for the lenses.

Product Details:

  • Soft black rubber mask that covers eyes and nose
  • Recalled masks have “O.M.E.R.” printed on the forehead area
  • The recalled masks were sold at Technosport, diving equipment stores, on Amazon.com, and on OmerDiving.com.
  • These masks were sold for around $80 each from 4/2012 – 6/2015.

If you purchased one of these masks, you should stop using it immediately and contact Technosport about getting a free replacement. Visit CPSC.gov to learn more.


E-Z-GO, a division of Textron Inc. and Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., is recalling about 8,200 vehicles over a gas tank defect that poses a potential fire hazard. There have been no reports of incidents or injuries thus far.

Product Details:

  • The recalled vehicles include:
    • TXT Fleet golf cars
    • Freedom TXT, TXT2+2 and Valor golf cars
    • Express, Terrain, and Cushman Shuttle vehicles
  • Dates codes to watch out for: G2015 through L0515
  • Sold from January 2015 to May 2015

If you purchased one of these golf, shuttle, or utility vehicles, stop using it immediately and contact an authorized dealer about getting a free repair. Visit CPSC.gov to learn more.

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