Street racing can lead to catastrophic accidents

Street racing can lead to catastrophic accidents The street is not a playground. Nevertheless, some Texas drivers use their vehicles to play games that place the lives and safety of others in danger. When this happens, sometimes even the passengers in a vehicle may have no control over the situation. It can be a terrifying ordeal to be at the mercy of drivers whose actions lead to catastrophic accidents. One such accident took place recently in San Antonio. Police responded to a crash around 4:30 in the afternoon. Upon arrival, they found at least three vehicles involved in what appeared to be a chain reaction accident resulting from street racing. Witnesses say least two and possibly more vehicles were racing south on a multilane road, shifting from lane to lane as they approached the intersection. Police believe one driver clipped an SUV that was crossing at an intersection. The contact sent one of the vehicles off the road where it skidded sideways and wrapped around a tree. Two occupants died on the scene, and three others suffered critical injuries. In the second car, two occupants were also transported to the hospital with significant injuries. The driver of the SUV was not injured, and a fourth vehicle fled the scene. Most of the victims in this horrific accident were young adults and teens, leaving families to deal with the tragic loss and many unanswered questions. In circumstances like these, where it is difficult to determine responsibility for catastrophic accidents, grieving loved ones may seek advice from an experienced Texas attorney. With the help of a compassionate legal professional, accident victims and family members may seek justice through the civil courts.


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