Supermarket chain Aldi facing defective products lawsuit

Supermarket chain Aldi facing defective products lawsuit

Aldi is a popular supermarket chain that originated overseas, yet has numerous locations in Texas and elsewhere around the country. The chain is known for its unconventional methods for keeping costs low, such as not providing bags for groceries and charging a quarter to "rent" a shopping cart. The stores' selection of international and organic items also appeal to a lot of shoppers. Unfortunately, the company is currently facing a defective products lawsuit after a customer was injured after an accident involving items purchased at an Aldi store.

A woman in another state reportedly purchased turkey burgers from the frozen foods section in her local Aldi location in Aug. 2018. In her complaint, she stated that she precisely followed the cooking instructions printed on the package. However, when the cooking process started, one of the burgers exploded. The woman suffered second-degree burns on her hands and forearms. The lawsuit also reflects that she has been left with permanent scarring from the accident.

The woman claims that the burgers were defective products and were unsafe to use. She stated that Aldi was responsible since it had made the products available for purchase and had not warned consumers of their potential danger. Aldi has denied the woman's claims, stating that she had not properly followed the product instructions. The woman is seeking damages over $35,000 and any other relief deemed appropriate by the court.

Consumers have a reasonable expectation that products should work as intended. However, when defective products enter the marketplace, serious injuries may occur. If someone has been injured by a faulty product, he or she may wish to file a lawsuit against the company that is apparently responsible. A Texas personal injury attorney can help victims and their families seek a favorable outcome in the litigation.


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