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Texas is home to some of America’s most dangerous roads

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Auto Accidents

According to an analysis of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Texas is home to some of the most dangerous major roads in the country.

For example, San Antonio’s own Interstate 10 ranked as the fifth most dangerous highway in the United States.

Another Texas Interstate, I-20, ranked as the sixth most dangerous highway, and several other interstates and federal highways in Texas made the list of the top 50 most dangerous roads in the country.

Even though they do not appear on this list, other Texas highways, like US-285, have a notorious reputation for being dangerous.

US-285 is known as the Death Highway because, especially in recent years, there have been many serious accidents involving large trucks and other vehicles associated with the oil industry.

Why are these roads so dangerous?

Some roads may be more dangerous than others simply because they are crowded or need some design improvements.

However, in many cases, the reason roads are dangerous is because, for whatever reasons, drivers operate carelessly or recklessly when they travel on them.

For example, many of these same dangerous roads in Texas also have a disproportionate number of drunk driving accidents on them, suggesting that a lot of people on dangerous roads are driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

On two Texas highways, US-83 and I-40, more than half of all crashes involved at least one motorist who is legally drunk.

In addition to drunk drivers, many motorists on these roads engage in other bad habits, like speeding or distracted driving.

Also, these major corridors are also popular routes for oil rigs and other large trucks. Not all of these drivers have the necessary training and experience to operate safely.

Among those who do, a push for profit or other reasons may tempt them to cut corners when it comes to safety or to take unnecessary risks on the road.

Help is available for victims of serious accidents

Dangerous or not, many Texans simply have to travel on these roads in order to live and work.

They should not have to pay for another driver’s mistake, especially if that mistake costs them in terms of lost wages and hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical and other expenses.

An injured victim should think twice before talking to the other side’s insurance company without a strong advocate for their interests. The stakes are simply too high to risk not getting the compensation a victim deserves.