The Most Common Water Accidents Swimmers Should be Mindful of This Summer

The Most Common Water Accidents Swimmers Should be Mindful of This Summer According to the CDC, every day ten people die from drowning. Of these ten, two will be children under fourteen years of age. As the summer days heat up in Texas, it is understandable why many will rush to their local pool to cool down. However, it is important to be aware of the many dangers that come with cooling down this summer. Entrapment: Pool entrapment occurs when a swimmer becomes attached to a pool drain’s suction. This can also occur when an arm or leg is inserted into a drain with a missing or broken cover. Serious injury or even death can occur when the pool’s suction overpowers the swimmer’s ability to detach from the drain. The most common objects that are prone to get caught in pool suctions are hair, limbs, bathing suits, and jewelry. Concussions: According to the CDC, a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump on the head or by a hit to the body. This trauma causes the brain to move rapidly back and forth, generating chemical changes in the brain. As a result, this can sometimes stretch and damage brain cells. Concussions can occur in and out of the pool for swimmers. Common concussion scenarios that happen in the pool include hitting your head or body on the diving board, swimming into the wall, and entering the water incorrectly. Death: Perhaps the worst thing that can result from swimming unfortunately is death. Any injury that occurs near or in the pool risks fatality due to the possibility of drowning. The CDC reports the main factors of drowning risk are lack of swimming ability, lack of barriers to prevent unsupervised water access, lack of close supervision, location, failure to wear life jackets, and alcohol use. What happens if I’ve been injured in a pool? All in all, pool owners must keep pool safety a priority to keep adults and children from getting injured. When they don’t, they must be held accountable. When property owners fail to ensure relative safety, victims who sustain injuries can file suit. Pool accidents are usually filed as a premises liability negligence suit. This cites that the owner had a duty to ensure visitor safety and that the accident was directly related. Negotiating maximum compensation can be tricky. You need an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury, wrongful death, and negligence. Wyatt Law Firm is here for you this summer: We represent people who have been injured in swimming pools at hotels, health clubs, municipal facilities, water parks, apartment complexes, and private residences. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a pool accident, you might have legal recourse. Our personal injury attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm are ready to fight against negligence and wrongful death. Call us at 210-340-5550 for a free consultation or submit a confidential contact form via our website.


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