This Silent Killer Can Ruin Your Summer

This Silent Killer Can Ruin Your Summer Engines on boats can produce carbon monoxide, or CO, a poisonous gas that can impair and potentially kill those exposed. This odorless, colorless, tasteless gas occurs when an engine using a carbon-based fuel is running. In fact, the most common source of CO in boats is found in engines powered by gasoline. As the days heat up, more boats leave the docks. Boating can be a fun way to soak up some sun with loved ones, but it is important to educate yourself on carbon monoxide poisoning prevention. Being exposed to carbon monoxide can be life-threatening. However, with the right education, you can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from affecting you and your loved ones this summer.

How can I get carbon monoxide poisoning on a boat? 

  • Some larger boats have generators that vent toward the boat’s rear, risking exposure to CO to people on the rear swim deck.
  • On larger boats, CO can build above the water near the water platform.
  • Traveling at slow speeds in water can cause CO to build up in your boat. Wind can increase this buildup of CO.

How to prevent CO poisoning on boats:

  • Educate your loved ones on the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning.
  • Practice engine safety.
  • Properly install appliances. Unplug any appliances that are not in use.
  • Never swim in areas where engines vent their exhaust. Keep children away from these areas.
  • Watch children closely when they play on the boat and swim around it.
  • Blocking outlets can cause carbon monoxide to build up throughout the boat. Never block exhaust outlets and use signs, indicating that the area should stay open.
  • Never use appliances that emit CO in closed areas of the boat.

Have you or a loved one been a victim of CO poisoning this summer?

We all expect boat trips to be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. CO poisoning does not discriminate. Getting exposed to carbon monoxide can happen to anyone regardless of their age, sex, and background. When you or a loved one have been exposed to CO on a boat, you may seek legal help to compensate you for your losses. To achieve maximum compensation, you need an attorney that can investigate every aspect of your poisoning to determine how you were exposed and hold the responsible party accountable.

Wyatt Law Firm: Demanding justice for CO poisoning victims of CO poisoning

If you or a loved one have been poisoned by carbon monoxide, you have rights. Do not let your experience go unheard. Call Wyatt Law Firm at (210) 340-5550 for a free consultation. Let us help you obtain the compensation you are rightfully owed after being exposed to poisonous carbon monoxide. We represent people throughout Texas and the nation, from our offices in San Antonio.


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