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Tips For Driving In San Antonio

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Auto Accidents | 0 comments

Driving in San Antonio can be a lovely experience. Whether you are traveling for work, school, or pleasure, there are scenic streets that everyone needs to visit at least once. However, like any street with multiple drivers, there are areas in San Antonio that are highly congested or dangerous. At Wyatt Law Firm, we want you to be safe and prepared when driving. Whether you are a native, recent transplant, or simply visiting San Antonio, we have listed some streets and highways to avoid or drive cautiously on.


Auto accidents tend to occur unexpectedly with no warning. There are certain areas that have reportedly had more car wrecks than other streets. Here are places of which you should be wary.

U.S. 281 North Loop 1604 East

This area has approximately 280 wrecks a year. Loop 1604 is dangerous in general, but with drivers from the U.S. 281 junction trying to merge on to the former loop, there is potential for accidents. When driving on this highway, be careful to abide by the speed and to be prepared to stop during changes. If you can, avoid this area during mornings or evenings.

South Pan Am Expressway

There is a section of South Pan Am Expressway that is particularly prone to car wrecks. The conjoined section of I-10 and I-35 between West Martin and West Commerce streets have reportedly had many accidents. Because the area is near popular locations, it receives more traffic. It is important to slow down and drive cautiously around this area.

Braun Road

Drivers have reported many accidents occur on Loop 1604 between Braun and Bandera. Because the road marks an end to the Loop 1604 expressway with a light, many drivers may be unprepared for the stop. This leads to accidents. When exiting any type of expressway, make sure to slow your speed and cautiously merge on to the other road or highway.


No one enjoys sitting in traffic. Everyone is busy with places they need to be. Although traffic congestion may be unavoidable at times, especially in the event of a crash, it can be helpful to know which highways or areas are more often populated.

Riverwalk District

Situated in downtown San Antonio, the Riverwalk District is a must see for both tourists and locals. With restaurants, special attractions, and general beauty, it is a place that draws many. As such, you will usually find traffic around the area. Be prepared for traffic and plan accordingly.


The I-35 in general has a lot of traffic. It is estimated that between Loop 410 to Loop 1604, drivers spend an average of 208,114 hours in traffic every year. From I-10 to U.S. 281, drivers spend an average of 204,931 hours every year.


The I-10 is another popular highway that experiences heavy congestion. It is reported that drivers can spend an average of 161,960 hours every year on this route.

At Wyatt Law Firm, we believe that you should be able to drive safely in San Antonio. We hope these insights alert you of the dangers on the road and allow you to prepare accordingly. If you have been in an auto accident, contact our San Antonio car crash lawyers today for a free consultation.