Ways to prevent most common type of workplace accidents

by Paula A. Wyatt | September 5, 2018 | Blog, Workplace Accidents | 0 comments

Ways to prevent most common type of workplace accidents Employees at businesses in Texas and in all other states go to their jobs each day with the expectation that they will have a safe working environment. The majority of companies have extensive safety manuals and accident prevention programs in place. Employees are required to follow proper procedures on how to safely perform their duties and how to operate potentially hazardous equipment. However, on-the-job accidents still occur, no matter what size or type of industry. Safety experts have cited the most common types of workplace accidents and some suggestions on how to prevent them. The most common types of workplace accidents are slips and falls, making them account for the most workers' compensation claims. Substances on floors, poor lighting and clutter are just a few of the scenarios that could lead to slips and falls in work areas. To prevent them, experts recommend proper housekeeping of the area and appropriate footwear. Accidents involving machinery can lead to some horrific injuries. It is critical to note that any machinery must be operating exactly as intended and protective gear should be supplied by the employer. Another frequent cause of accidents involves vehicles, such as large trucks or farming equipment. Workers could be struck by a vehicle or an item that has fallen from it. Fires and explosions may cause serious burns or harm to someone's respiratory system. The highest casualty rate of all workplace accidents is the result of fires and explosions. Finally, injuries related to overexertion and repetitive stress lead to around 100 million lost workdays annually. While these types of injuries may seem less severe, they can lead to debilitating conditions over time to employees. When employees are injured in workplace accidents, the individuals or family members may be saddled with significant medical bills or other expenses related to recovery. Workers' compensation claims may be made to cover many of these expenses. However, there are many things the workers' comp does not cover, including loss of consortium as well as pain and suffering. Many times, though, evidence of third party negligence or the gross negligence of an employer may constitute grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. A seasoned Texas personal injury attorney can assist clients throughout the legal process.


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