What are the different types of construction injuries?

What are the different types of construction injuries? Construction accidents can cause serious, and life-altering, injuries for victims which is why victims should know how they are protected. The construction industry can be particularly dangerous for construction workers who should be aware of the different types of construction accident injuries that can occur on a construction job site. There are several types of common construction site injuries including:
  • Falls – falls are one of the most common construction site injuries. Falls can occur from a variety of heights on a construction site including from a roof, scaffolding or other height and can result in serious injuries for victims.
  • Falling objects – improperly secured objects, or falling objects, are another common cause of injuries on construction job sites that can injure victims.
  • Equipment-related – because a wide variety of tools and machinery are commonly present on construction job sites, injuries can result from defective tools and machinery or tools and machinery that are improperly used such as a nail gun that misfires.
  • Back-over and crush-between – heavy machinery is not uncommon on a construction site which is why serious injuries can take place in back-over and crush-between accidents.
  • Collapses – collapse injuries can occur when a building or trench, as examples, collapses on the construction worker.
  • Fires and explosions – dangers from fires, explosions and hazardous materials can all cause harm to construction workers.
Construction accident injuries can be serious and even fatal in some situations. Depending on the circumstances, the negligence of a third party may be to blame for the harm and injuries suffered by the victim which is why construction accident victims should be familiar with their legal rights and the remedies available to them if they have been hurt on a construction site.


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