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Why are construction accidents so complicated?

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Construction Accidents

The construction industry is an important part of both the Texas economy and the economy of the whole country. Thousands of people work in the construction industry in some way.

Moreover, the construction of new and better roads, buildings and the like indirectly improve the economy in many different ways by providing better, more efficient facilities which drive our society.

However, construction work is also inherently dangerous. Workers have to do their jobs from heights, in trenches and in other dangerous locations, and they also are around dangerous tools and equipment.

Construction workers frequently get hurt, oftentimes seriously, and when they do, they and their families deserve full compensation for their losses.

Getting compensation for these losses can be complicated for a number of reasons.

Third party liability

When a construction worker gets injured on the job, she may well turn first to workers’ compensation benefits offered through her employer. The tradeoff to receiving these benefits is that she cannot sue her employer for her losses. Unfortunately, after a serious injury, these benefits rarely cover all of a victim’s losses.

The victim may need to pursue other parties which are also responsible for the injury. For example, construction sites are busy places, with lots of different firms handling different aspects of the job.

Another subcontractor, the general contractor, an engineer or architect, the landowner, or other parties may have acted carelessly and contributed to the accident. It takes considerable effort to identify and pursue all responsible parties in a third party liability claim.

Serious injuries

Construction accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. Many times, construction workers hurt on the job will lose an arm or a leg. In other cases, the victim may suffer damage to his spinal cord, causing permanent paralysis or other serious and permanent mobility problems.

Severe and debilitating brain injuries are also real possibilities.

Aside from being injuries which are extremely costly in terms of medical bills, lost income and non-economic damages, these injuries also require additional future expenses for ongoing medical care and support. Calculating these damages is a complicated process which, if done incorrectly, can mean a victim is left without enough compensation to cover his losses.

Complex laws and regulations 

Companies which make their profit in construction are subject to many very detailed safety regulations and other laws and rules designed to protect both their employees and others who are at a worksite.

The key to many personal injury cases is knowing these rules and understanding how they apply. After all, a company which violated one of these safety regulations and caused an accident as a result is more likely to be found liable to pay compensation.