Will compensation from an injury lawsuit cover physical therapy costs?

Will compensation from an injury lawsuit cover physical therapy costs? A serious injury can set you back for years. As an accident victim, you may not consider the extent to which an injury has changed your life until you are face to face with painstaking challenges. For many, such challenges cross their path in physical therapy appointments. What’s more, the costs for extensive physical therapy can be detrimental to your financial livelihood. If you have not before been involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you may only have a vague idea of the extent to which compensation will cover. In addition to medical examinations and MRI scans, you may seek damages from the other party for estimated physical therapy costs.

The cost and the need for representation

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be in and out of physical therapy for years. And without insurance, the average charge for a single session may be around $125 and could even be as high as $350. This, of course, will also depend on the injury location, for example:
  • Knees – About $100 per session for up to six weeks.
  • Back pain – $126 per session for 8 to 10 sessions.
  • Rotator cuff – $50-$100 per session for as long as six months.
  • Pelvic floor – $225 for an initial session and about $180 for every following session.
It may be difficult to get an exact number for what your therapy will cost over time. Many lawyers have networks of professionals who help them determine the financial demands of serious injuries. Consider consulting an experienced attorney to understand more about the types of recovery courts may award in a personal injury lawsuit.


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